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  • 08-25-15

    Special Section: Northeast

    Recovery is still on across the Northeast, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Expansion in the life sciences and technology sectors, as well as increased transit-oriented development (TOD), is spurring real estate in Boston.

  • 08-24-15

    Video: Here Come the Married Millennial Homebuyers

    According to forecasting firm Demographic Intelligence, a wave of millennial marriages and parents is on its way.

  • 08-24-15

    Food Markets Nourishing Development

    Though they pose unique development challenges, authentic, locally focused food vendors create unique experiences.

  • 08-24-15

    Crime Prevention? It Starts with Design

    Simple but powerful techniques can reduce crime and foster healthier living.

  • 08-24-15

    Outdoor Advertising Industry Growing Despite Challenges

    Two of the four major outdoor advertising companies converted to real estate investment trusts in 2014, prompting a look at outdoor advertising trends and REIT performance. The movement toward highly flexible digital billboards is driving outdoor advertising revenue growth. Plus, interest rate survey results from Trepp.

  • 08-24-15

    CEO Perspective: Bouncing Forward after Katrina

    August 29 marks the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina flooding New Orleans and devastating the Gulf Coast. From an urban development perspective, this is an anniversary that is best marked not by looking back at what was lost, but by looking at what has happened since.

  • 08-20-15

    Better Approaches Needed for Rapid Rehousing after Disasters

    As urbanization spreads, natural disasters are increasingly happening in urban areas. That means “the unit is not the household anymore,” said Mario Flores, director of disaster response field operations at Habitat for Humanity, speaking at a panel at the National Building Museum in D.C. “We need to look at the entire neighborhood, by block, by city.”

  • 08-17-15

    REITs Go to Prison

    Like all REITs, prison REITs have been beaten down this year by the prospect of higher interest rates, but they have been further affected by discussion of prison reform and new government regulations. Plus, interest rate survey results from Trepp.

  • 08-14-15

    July/August Issue of Urban Land Is Available for Download

    The latest issue of Urban Land is now available for download via the app. If you have not downloaded it before, you can do so now at no charge. The cover package for this issue is titled “Crafting Authenticity: Designing retail spaces that consumers embrace.”

  • 08-14-15

    From Troubled to Trophy: The Turnaround of Chicago’s OneEleven

    For years, a 27-story concrete skeleton, detritus of the financial crisis, loomed over the Chicago River. A reinvention of the project led to a record sales price for the finished apartment tower this year.