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  • 05-23-16

    Could New Supply of Apartments Slow Rising Rents?

    Landlords are confident that apartments are not overbuilt, and rents continue to increase in many markets, but real estate investment trust investors are less certain. This year, deliveries are reaching new peaks, and investor worries about a market softening are reflected in the sector’s –1.12 percent year-to-date total return. Plus, interest rate survey data from Trepp.

  • 05-23-16

    Evolving Tokyo

    The city’s center, inside the circular Yamanote Line, has seen massive redevelopment in recent years. Now, developers are looking further afield.

  • 05-23-16

    ULI Global Awards for Excellence: King’s Cross Station, London

    The redevelopment of London’s historic King’s Cross Station was completed in March 2012. Launched in 2005, the remodeling project has improved passenger facilities, made operational activities more efficient, and increased retail opportunities. The project adapted and reused the train shed and range buildings, restored the station’s previously obscured facade, and added the new, visually striking Western Concourse that serves as the centerpiece of the remodeling project.

  • 05-23-16

    Four Solutions for Housing Cost-Burdened Families

    In February, Enterprise Community Partners unveiled an ambitious policy platform that is intended to improve the lives and outcomes of housing-insecure families.

  • 05-19-16

    Lessons from Yonkers and Beyond: Communities Grapple with Integration

    Lisa Belkin’s book, Show Me a Hero, was first published in 1999, leading to a 2015 HBO six-part miniseries that dramatized what happened when Yonkers, New York, was ordered by a federal judge in 1985 to end its practice of racially segregating its population through its public housing program and school system.

  • 05-19-16

    Portrait of the Artist as Community Developer: Theaster Gates and Chicago’s South Side

    Chicago-based Theaster Gates may be the only artist in the United States merging the roles of artist and real estate developer. A celebrated and commercially successful multimedia artist who has exhibited work in museums and galleries around the world, Gates has transformed blocks of his South Side neighborhood through key investments in housing and unique community assets that provide residents with outlets for expression while preserving local culture before it disappears.

  • 05-19-16

    In Print: Dead End: Suburban Sprawl and the Rebirth of American Urbanism

    In this 2014 book, now available in paperback, transit advocate Benjamin Ross highlights some of the origins of suburban sprawl in the United States.

  • 05-17-16

    Investors Willing to Fill the Void for Spending on Infrastructure, Energy

    Panelists at the recent ULI Japan Conference in Tokyo said that even a mature market such as Japan offers significant opportunities, due to a program of public/private partnerships designed to ease the burden on the state, but a $1 trillion “infrastructure gap” exists worldwide.

  • 05-16-16

    Boosting Innovation and Density Is the Future for Japan’s Cities

    Mitigating the population issues facing Japan, and further developing its cities to meet the demands of the future, were discussed by panelists at the recent ULI Japan Spring Conference in Tokyo. Takeshi Natsuno, professor at the Keio University school of media and governance, said Japan’s government should cease spending in areas without a certain density of population.

  • 05-16-16

    Health Care REITs Outperform Despite a Murky Horizon

    Implementation of the Affordable Care Act has driven both health care–related job growth and demand for real estate in the United States. But health care REITs are not immune from external market challenges, and they have thrived in the current low interest rate environment. Plus, interest rate survey data from Trepp.