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  • 05-29-15

    Building Olympic Cities for the Long Haul

    ULI senior fellow Ed McMahon conducted a question-and-answer session with John Major, former prime minister of the United Kingdom, about the Olympics, healthy places, and global urbanism. Major is scheduled to speak at the ULI Asia Pacific Summit in Tokyo at this year’s Leadership Dinner.

  • 05-28-15

    Toll Roads: A Problem or a Solution?

    A consensus exists among public officials that significant investment is needed to improve U.S. highway and transit systems. Are toll roads a viable source of funding?

  • 05-27-15

    Rethinking Real Estate Education

    Hands-on training in health care and other industries provides a model for real estate.

  • 05-26-15

    As Housing Markets Advance, What Is Next for Single-Family Residential REITs?

    Several years into a growth economy, most housing markets are moving forward. The four publicly traded real estate investment trusts (REITs) that were formed to acquire and rent distressed single-family homes are currently reporting short-term successes, with improved earnings and property values. However, each of the single-family residential REITs reported a net loss for the first quarter of the year.

  • 05-26-15

    Future of Transportation: Cities with Choices—and Less Parking

    The car-centric city is becoming a thing of the past, as evidenced by changes in Houston, Oklahoma City, and Charlotte, North Carolina, said panelists at the ULI Spring Meeting, with transportation leaders treating infrastructure as a real estate asset.

  • 05-22-15

    Modern Workplaces Evolving Away From Industrial Roots

    At ULI’s Spring Meeting in Houston, AECOM global practice lead Andrew Laing traced the evolution of white-collar work spaces over more than a century in patterns driven primarily by technology.

  • 05-22-15

    Placemaking Can Keep Suburban Office Competitive

    Downtown urban office and mixed-use markets are “hot,” but so are some suburban markets—including the iconic Silicon Valley. At the ULI Spring Meeting in Houston, a panel moderated by AECOM senior vice president Stephen Engblom explored regional responses to market demands outside traditional downtown markets.

  • 05-22-15

    ULI’s Three-Year Forecast Bodes Well for U.S. Real Estate

    The U.S. real estate industry is on a steady course to sustain growth through 2017, according to ULI’s latest three-year forecast. At the ULI Spring Meeting in Houston, the consensus forecast was discussed in a session moderated by William J. Maher, director of North American strategy for LaSalle investment Management.

  • 05-22-15

    Creating Long-Term Value through Resiliency

    Preparing for more frequent and intense storms, wildfires, or droughts as well as for incremental rises in sea levels and water temperatures can no longer be ignored in favor of cost cutting and short-term returns, according to a panel of sustainability experts at the 2015 Spring Meeting in Houston.

  • 05-22-15

    Growth of E-Commerce Sparking Interest in Hybrid Property Types

    With e-commerce activity increasing, the real estate market is scrambling to keep up with a new type of building demand that combines distribution centers with fulfillment centers, said experts speaking at the ULI Spring Meeting.