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  • 04-16-14

    Moran: U.S. Economy Still World’s Strongest

    Americans are losing sight of the strength of their nation’s creativity, resourcefulness, and economy, said international affairs analyst Michael Moran.

  • 04-16-14

    Making Public Spaces Work Overtime

    As people increasingly embrace the idea of trading sprawl and traffic congestion for life in high-density communities, demand is growing for well-planned public spaces, including community gardens, pocket parks, rooftop gardens, and reclaimed industrial land.

  • 04-14-14

    Monday’s Numbers: April 14, 2014

    The Trepp survey for the period ending April 4, 2014, showed spreads basically unchanged, with the implied ten-year rate for properties with 50 percent to 59 percent loan-to-value ratios at 4.10 percent.

  • 04-14-14

    Health and a Sense of Community Attract Buyers

    Developers can create new housing projects that provide the latest in environmentally friendly features­­­—solar power, water recycling, pedestrian safety, and transit access—but only about 10 percent of buyers will go looking for those features or be willing to pay a premium for them, panelists said at the ULI Spring Meeting last week in Vancouver.

  • 04-14-14

    Three Growth Models Embrace Healthy Principles

    Health and wellness are driving part of the offering at Whole Foods, Westin Hotels, and the Baja California resort industry in a way that is likely to increase over time, panelists said at the ULI Spring Meeting last week in Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • 04-14-14

    40 Under 40: Whom Will You Nominate?

    Join Urban Land magazine in identifying the top 40 young professionals from around the globe.

  • 04-14-14

    Zakaria: Look Past Turmoil for Global Growth Story

    Despite the turmoil and general unease around the globe, Fareed Zakaria focused on the peace and prosperity of the current decade in his remarks at the ULI Spring Meeting.

  • 04-11-14

    Investing in Energy Efficiency: Unlocking Value for Real Estate Owners

    There are lots of stories about the significant paybacks companies can get from doing energy retrofits—big and small—on the buildings they own and manage.

  • 04-10-14

    It’s a Disaster: The Business Case for Building More Resilient Cities

    In recent years, natural disasters have been striking North America with increasing frequency and intensity. Hurricane Sandy has served as a wake-up call for the building, real estate investment, and insurance industries, as well as for government at all levels and ULI.

  • 04-10-14

    Making the Case for Wellness: 13 Developments Building for Health and Value

    The economic benefits of building healthy places are outlined in a new publication from the Urban Land Institute—Building for Wellness: The Business Case.