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  • 09-21-23

    Enter Generative AI: Emergence and Implications in Real Estate Capital Markets

    Artificial Intelligence, or the general ability of computers to emulate human thought and learning processes and, ultimately, to perform tasks in real-world environments, has grown and evolved significantly in recent years. It’s an empirical fact: in 2022, the global AI market swelled to $136.55 billion, with projections hinting at a surge of $1.8 trillion to $2.6 trillion within the next 10 years.

  • 09-05-23

    ULI Hines Student Competition Americas Winner

    “Knot Charleston,” the development plan that earned top honors in this year’s ULI Hines Student Competition for the Americas region, was the product of extensive research, thoughtful design, and close collaboration among the winning team of five Harvard University graduate students.

  • 09-05-23

    The Hopeful Potential of Los Angeles’ Public Realm

    Any native Angeleno who has walked even a few blocks Downtown can attest to the state of our sidewalks. If we do not invest in the public realm—in our streets, sidewalks, plazas, and parks—then we leave on the table the vital seeds of who it is we can become as a people and as a city.

  • 09-05-23

    Satellite Campuses Expand Footprint for Universities into Urban Downtowns

    University of Southern California is one of numerous U.S. colleges and universities that are expanding their presence in cities, sometimes far from their main campuses. Many schools are converting older buildings into classroom, meeting, and performance spaces for educational use.

  • August

  • 08-28-23

    Audio Files: Discussing 15-Minute Cities

    ULI visiting fellow Yvonne Yeung, who authored Building 15-Minute Communities: A Leadership Guide, recently appeared on the Talking Headways podcast. She chatted about how the guide can help create good development that reduces the need to drive, and supports  climate emissions reduction goals.

  • 08-21-23

    Art in Place Welcomes ULI Indiana

    ULI Indiana is the latest addition to the global cohort of ULI national and district councils participating in ULI’s Art in Place program. Working both individually and as a group, each council aims to connect artists, developers, and community voices to drive more inclusive and participatory real estate outcomes.

  • 08-21-23

    Retrofitting vs. Replacing: Making the Case for Sustainable Improvements

    Whether a simple energy efficiency upgrade or a larger overhaul is needed, retrofitting is becoming an important component of the real estate industry.

  • 08-18-23

    Armchair Tour: A Creative Office Oasis in El Segundo

    Attendees of the 2023 ULI Fall Meeting in Los Angeles will have the chance to visit 888 Douglas, a former aerospace research and manufacturing facility in El Segundo that has recently been repurposed into a creative office campus.

  • 08-03-23

    The Materials Movement: Advancing Low-Carbon, Healthy Materials for Sustainable Communities

    An upcoming ULI report highlights key steps that developers and asset managers can take to mitigate environmental impacts and enhance health through materials.

  • July

  • 07-31-23

    In Brief: RCLCO’s Top-Selling U.S. Master-Planned Communities of Mid-Year 2023

    New U.S. home sales among the 50 top-selling master-planned communities increased by 7 percent compared with the pace set by the top communities in the first half of 2022