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  • 08-19-19

    In Brief: Tech Employment Growth Spilling Over to Less Established Markets

    Tightening availability of tech talent in leading markets has spurred hiring momentum in smaller and upstart markets in the United States and Canada—such as Tucson, Arizona, and Waterloo, Ontario—as expanding tech employers seek additional labor pools, according to CBRE’s annual Scoring Tech Talent report.

  • 08-19-19

    Preparing the Workforce of the Washington, D.C., Region for a Tech-Focused Present and Future

    Amazon’s choice to locate a second headquarters in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area is highlighting the region’s need to provide an ever-increasing number of educated workers to fill new technology jobs each year. While many groups are working to address this issue, the Greater Washington Partnership (GWP) has launched a well-funded effort to “create impact at scale.” GWP’s Capital CoLAB—which stands for Collaborative of Leaders in Academia and Business—is moving quickly to carry out its mission and already has garnered more than $6 million in grants.

  • 08-07-19

    Working with the Private Sector to Tackle the Workforce Housing Shortage in the Washington, D.C., Region

    The Washington Housing Initiative wants to put capital to work to preserve a dwindling supply of workforce housing across the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, bringing together a large group of public and private stakeholders—including experienced multifamily developers, owners, and operators—to create a strategic model addressing the workforce housing shortage that can be shared broadly with other communities battling the same problem.

  • July

  • 07-22-19

    Reinvesting in Smaller U.K. Cities with Micro-units, Smart Sensors, and New Approaches to Finance

    At the ULI U.K. Annual Conference, a range of speakers from across Europe provided fresh perspectives on how the real estate industry is evolving to meet the needs of both the economy and society, including use of smarter sensor technology, creation of micro-units for both housing and retail space, as well as assistance for British cities in tapping sources of capital for regeneration.

  • 07-18-19

    Municipalities and Developers Turning to Online Platforms to Get Civic Input

    The city of Detroit used an online platform to get more community feedback on the city’s first Sustainability Action Agenda. In addition to traditional community outreach, community members were solicited with a multilingual campaign using text messages, a web platform, and traditional yard signs, helping the city gather input from thousands of respondents, more than would be possible at a traditional community meeting.

  • 07-15-19

    How Mobility Ties into the Future of Urban Retail, Office, and Residential

    At the 2019 ULI Florida Summit, futurist Greg Lindsay, a futurist and senior fellow with the NewCities nonprofit organization, detailed change agents of future development including the electric scooter mania, shops without checkouts, and “urban cabins.” Lindsay described broadly how the disruption of retail, office, residential, and transportation will continue around the globe—and, in some cases, increase.

  • 07-15-19

    Product Council Outlook on Travel Trends

    How are tourism trends shaking up the real estate industry?

  • June

  • 06-28-19

    Built for the Future: Copenhagen’s Path to Carbon Neutrality

    Copenhagen’s investment in its revitalized waterfront area is paying off, said land-use experts speaking at the ULI Real Estate Forum, while the affordability of housing is an ongoing concern. Attendees saw firsthand what it means to be a people-centric city aspiring to become the first carbon-neutral world capital by 2025.

  • 06-24-19

    Preserving Nashville’s “Little Kurdistan”

    Community input and partnerships can help preserve multicultural diversity in a fast-growing city.

  • 06-24-19

    Bringing More Mixed Use and Multifamily to Central Florida

    Three game-changing projects in central Florida were highlighted during the 2019 ULI Florida Summit, with each taking a long view of remaking historic spots while gauging next-generation needs, including education needs in the region and the shifting needs of retail and industrial uses.