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  • 04-01-20

    Owners and Tenants Adjusting to a New World for Multifamily

    Multifamily property managers in the United States are developing a new playbook to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. The primary focus for apartment owners and managers is making sure their residents and employees are safe. At the same time, the industry is very much in the customer service business.

  • March

  • 03-30-20

    Audio: Leading Voices in Real Estate

    ULI Los Angeles recently hosted a recording of Leading Voices in Real Estate, a podcast hosted by Matt Slepin, founder managing partner of Terra Search and a ULI Foundation Governor. Now in its third year, this podcast also recently featured Spencer Levy, chairman of Americas Research and senior economic advisor for CBRE, talking about COVID-19 and the early signs of impact on the commercial real estate market.

  • 03-27-20

    Insights for Real Estate Leaders on Public Health and the Built Environment

    The global impact to human health and economic stability resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak is likely to quickly and dramatically elevate health and wellness as key factors influencing urban design and development as well as building management and operations, according to industry experts convened by ULI for a webinar on the impacts of the pandemic. The event was the first of a series of webinars being offered to explore how various aspects of the real estate industry are being affected by the virus and the industry’s response.

  • 03-23-20

    Activated Spaces Are Key to the Designs of the Future of Office, Residential, and Retail

    Panelists at the 2020 ULI Arizona Trends Day discussed how they are reducing the focus on abundant parking to provide more walkable open space which can be activated. One transit-oriented development in Tempe is billing itself as “car free” as it emphasizes bike lanes, walking, and access to light rail.

  • 03-23-20

    Tenant Curation Leads to Revived St. Petersburg, Florida, Retail District

    At a ULI Central Florida event, panelists discussed their strategies for turning around a underperforming retail districts in nearby St. Petersburg, largely through the curation of a more specific tenant mix.

  • 03-18-20

    How We’re Helping Our Retail Tenants Make It Through

    A retail developer and ULI longtime leader shares how his firm is approaching the current shutdown in the United States and beyond.

  • 03-17-20

    Planning for a Next-Generation Industrial Space Near Columbus, Ohio

    A new kind of industrial and logistics property—a regional hub for e-commerce fulfillment with access to rail networks, airports, and interstate highways—is rising in places like the Rickenbacker Industrial Park, outside Columbus, Ohio.

  • 03-16-20

    Confronting COVID-19: Social Distancing, Buildings, and Lessons from Asia

    Communities around the world are racing to control the spread of the novel coronavirus and the disease that it causes, COVID-19. Increasingly, that means implementing aggressive social distancing measures, which can inhibit the spread of the virus and flatten the transmission curve. Given what is known about the virus so far, using building strategies to help slow the spread of the disease makes sense to help protect those who must work in an office or commercial setting and in multifamily settings.

  • 03-09-20

    How the Private Sector Is Helping Mitigate Austin’s Homelessness Issues

    At a ULI Austin event, speakers said that government, nonprofit, and business initiatives are tackling Austin’s homelessness predicament by, among other things, proposing temporary structures known as Sprung shelters and seeking to convert motels into longer-term housing.

  • February

  • 02-28-20

    New Models for Senior Living Challenge Past Assumptions

    With the population of older residents fast outpacing the supply of units designed for them, panelists at the 2020 ULI Housing Opportunity Conference in Miami shared how devolopers are working to address the misperceptions, changing financial considerations, and design trends for the sector.