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  • 01-21-20

    ULI Product Council Outlook for Public/Private Partnerships

    How can public/private partnerships succeed in a politically fractious era?

  • 01-14-20

    More Direct Flights, Ease of Doing Business Could Attract Companies to San Antonio

    Panelists talked about how the San Antonio region is faring versus other cities in Texas in attracting talented workers and corporate office tenants and where it can improve compared to cities of a similar size.

  • 01-13-20

    Innovating in Retail and Hospitality for China’s Billion-Strong “Digital-First” Network

    China is a nation of more than 1 billion “digital-first” consumers, Jeffrey Towson, managing partner at Towson Group and a Peking University professor, said at a recent ULI event in Shanghai. Because these consumers are starting to act like an interconnected network—influencing each other and generating fresh ways of doing transactions—they are shaping how almost all companies do business.

  • 01-06-20

    Rethinking Real Estate: What the Past Teaches Us about the Future of Land Use

    Speaking at an event in New York City, Dror Poleg, a former real estate and technology executive and co-chair of ULI New York’s Technology and Innovation Council, said shifts in real estate often result from overlooked factors that alter its value, beginning in the faraway emergence of landlord-tenant relations out of feudalism and stretching to the innovations of today.

  • December

  • 12-16-19

    Industry Outlook for Property Technology: Americas

    Members of ULI’s Technology and Real Estate Council discuss the value of property technologies for real estate developers and investors—technologies that offer the most for building tenants, ways of sorting out the hype surrounding property technologies, promising technologies still in the process of being realized, and other related trends.

  • 12-16-19

    Industry Outlook for Property Technology: Europe

    Members of ULI Europe’s Technology and Real Estate Product Council discuss the new council’s areas of focus, approaches to evaluating and implementing new technologies, ways to improve understanding between technology startups and the real estate industry, promising current and future technologies, and related trends.

  • 12-09-19

    Tech Takeaways

    Technology and innovation were hot topics at the 2019 ULI Fall Meeting in Washington, D.C. These are some of the insights that speakers and attendees shared.

  • 12-09-19

    Integrating Data Streams Will Produce New Insights for CRE

    Whereas the commercial sector increasingly is abandoning its old analog ways and shifting to property technology, or proptech, the buzzword for building-related applications, the real revolution will come when commercial real estate companies not only have amassed large amounts of data, but also have figured out how to combine information from different apps and turn that data into actionable intelligence, said panelists speaking at the 2019 ULI Fall Meeting.

  • 12-09-19

    Food Security Starts with Affordable Housing for Farmworkers

    Affordable housing challenges are not limited to urban centers or technology hubs. Smaller towns often struggle to house their workforces and—perhaps less noticeably, but no less acutely—so do agricultural operations. Agriculture employs 11 percent of the U.S. workforce, while also contributing to manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing. The sector is also suffering from a dire labor shortage that has the potential to disrupt the entire food chain.

  • 12-03-19

    Leveraging Data and Automation at One of the World’s Largest Casinos

    Ian Wilson, senior vice president of nongaming operations and chief operating officer, Marina Bay Sands, addressed the 2019 ULI Asia Pacific Leadership Convivium, explaining how the resort-casino operator uses data in its operations.