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  • 04-18-19

    Global CEO Ed Walter: “The Goal Is Not Just to Do More, But to Do Better”

    The success of ULI’s 2019 Spring Meeting—which drew 4,300 attendees, the highest ever for a Spring Meeting—is indicative of the Institute’s ongoing efforts to improve the member experience, ULI Global Chief Executive Officer Ed Walter said in remarks at the meeting’s closing session. He praised outgoing Global Chairman Thomas Toomey for his leadership in the creation and implementation of ULI’s Global Strategic Plan, which seeks to strengthen member engagement and impact.

  • 04-18-19

    Proptech Venture Capitalist Lists Startups with Potential to Expand Opportunities, Unlock Value

    New applications for artificial intelligence, 3-D printing, and the “internet of things” promise to transform the commercial real estate industry and create new ways to generate revenue and reduce expenses, said the head of a real estate–oriented investment fund speaking at the 2019 ULI Spring Meeting.

  • 04-18-19

    Global Chairman Thomas Toomey Reflects on ULI’s Uniqueness: “Our Work Changes People’s Lives”

    Outgoing ULI Global Chairman Thomas Toomey reflected on the Institute’s uniqueness as well as its future as an organization with a strong philanthropic culture during remarks made at the 2019 Spring Meeting’s closing session. “First, what makes [ULI] unique is that our work, performed by ULI members and real estate leaders, changes people’s lives by changing cities for the better. No other real estate institution comes close to doing so much for so many,” Toomey said. “Second, ULI is unique in that membership is a life journey. It supplements your education as well as your professional growth during the early-to-mid part of your career, and it encourages mentorship and legacy-building in the later years. And third, ULI is a mission-driven organization whose mission—while set forth 80 years ago—is needed more than ever now and in the future, as our cities face so many challenges. That also makes it unique.”

  • 04-17-19

    ULI Americas Chairman Jack Chandler: “We Are Making It Easier to Be Part of the ULI Community”

    In remarks made at the Spring Meeting’s opening general session, ULI Americas Chairman Jack Chandler shared thoughts on the importance of the Institute’s Global Strategic Plan in strengthening member engagement and impact. The plan, which is based on feedback from members on how to improve ULI, is designed to “create a more rewarding and personalized member experience, and allow initiatives in areas such as affordable housing, community resilience, and industry diversity to be scaled up for broader application and greater effect,” Chandler said.

  • 04-17-19

    ULI Americas President Gwyneth Cote: Connecting ULI’s Work at Local, Regional, and Global Levels Is Key

    ULI Americas President Gwyneth Cote emphasized to Spring Meeting attendees the importance of connecting the Institute’s local initiatives to other areas of the organization, sharing insights based on numerous meetings with district councils since joining ULI’s executive team in December. “Each visit reaffirms the much-cited quote ‘ULI is only as strong globally as it is locally,’” Cote said

  • 04-16-19

    Women in Real Estate Should Not Temper Their Assertiveness, Says Executive Karen Hutton

    Development of women leaders in the real estate business was the theme at the Women’s Leadership Initiative and Larson Leadership Initiative Luncheon during the 2019 ULI Spring Meeting in Nashville. Bethany Logan Ropa, managing director at UBS Investment Bank, interviewed Karen Hutton, president and CEO of Hutton, a diversified real estate development and construction firm based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

  • 04-14-19

    ULI Greenprint Congratulates Five Members Who Earned Energy Star Partner of the Year

    Each year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star program honors businesses and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to protecting the environment through superior energy achievements. Energy Star Award Winners lead their industries in the production and sale of energy-efficient products and services, and in the development and adoption of strategies that provide substantial savings in the buildings where people work and live. This year, five ULI Greenprint members achieved Energy Star Partner of the Year.

  • 04-14-19

    CEO Perspective: Positioning ULI in the Lead

    As we head to Nashville for our 2019 Spring Meeting, I am encouraged and enthused about the progress being made at ULI to improve the member experience. Our initial efforts will be on display at the meeting, with more member-informed, interactive programming designed to foster a broader exchange of ideas and knowledge as well as more member-to-member connections. The event, which follows a highly successful Midwinter Trustees Meeting, Europe Conference, and Asia Pacific Convivium held this winter, will serve as additional confirmation of ULI’s status as the gold standard for real estate organizations.

  • 04-14-19

    Moving Forward from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

    A ULI Advisory Services panel crafts recommendations for recovery in the municipality of Toa Baja, with resilience in mind.

  • 04-12-19

    Real Estate Leaders on the Cutting Edge: Setting Sustainability Goals Grounded in Science

    Whereas many companies start their sustainability efforts by setting a static goal, such as reducing energy use by 20 percent by 2030, the Science Based Targets (SBTs) approach provides backbone and introduces strategy to carbon-emission reduction goals instead of ambiguity. ULI’s Greenprint Center for Building Performance recently published a primer for real estate companies looking to start their journey toward approved SBTs