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  • 08-31-23

    University Students Explore the Perception of the Suburbs and City Preferences

    At the 2023 ULI Spring Meeting in Toronto, the Emerging Trends in Real Estate® session, hosted by the Institute’s University Connections program, shed light on younger generation’s perceptions of suburbs and the shifting preferences of students when it comes to choosing where to live and work post-graduation.

  • 08-28-23

    Institutional Donors Back ULI’s Our Cities, Our Future Fundraising Drive

    Foundations have given over $10 million to bolster the Institute’s efforts to help communities across the United States.

  • 08-21-23

    ULI Welcomes Distinguished Real Estate Leaders to Key Governing Bodies

    More than 30 internationally-renowned real estate industry leaders have been elected to four-year terms as ULI Global Governing Trustees, while numerous other industry luminaries have been added or reappointed to the Institute’s Global Board of Directors and regional executive committees.

  • July

  • 07-14-23

    Summer 2023 Issue of Urban Land

    The Summer 2023 issue of Urban Land is now available for ULI members. The cover topic is “Design for Net Zero: Taking a holistic approach to sustainable development.”

  • 07-08-23

    How Airbnb Can Help Drive Value to Owners and Renters

    Sponsored content: Airbnb has been working with multifamily owners for several years to unlock hosting for renters. As part of ongoing efforts to drive value for owners and make hosting more accessible to renters, Airbnb introduced the Airbnb-friendly marketplace in November 2022.

  • 07-08-23

    Major Citywide Revitalization Efforts to Deliver Fort Worth’s Economic Promise

    Sponsored content: There is no question that the distinctive neighborhoods of Fort Worth, Texas, are a bedrock of culture, innovation, and economy for the city. With revitalization at the forefront of the city’s economic strategy, municipal leaders are focused on aligning the community and creating sustainable growth for all residents. 

  • June

  • 06-29-23

    ULI Announces Finalists for 2023 Jack Kemp, Terwilliger Center Innovation Awards

    The ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing has announced four finalists for this year’s Jack Kemp Excellence in Affordable and Workforce Housing Award and eight finalists for the Terwilliger Center Award for Innovation in Attainable Housing.

  • May

  • 05-23-23

    Governors’ Giving Plays a Vital Role in Achieving ULI’s Mission Priorities

    For some members of the ULI Foundation’s Governors Society, philanthropic giving is a way to support the Institute’s efforts to remedy the worldwide shortage of attainable housing, reduce carbon output to fight climate change, and educate a diverse future generation of leaders for the real estate profession. For other governors, their philanthropy is a gesture of gratitude for the role that ULI has played in their professional careers and achievements, or a way to honor friends they made through the organization. And some just want to be an inspiration to other ULI members.

  • 05-15-23

    Alex Rose Donates $1 Million to Expand ULI Advisory Services Program

    The ULI Foundation has announced that Alex J. Rose, executive vice president for Continental Development Corporation, has donated $1 million to support ULI’s Advisory Services program, which offers expertise and technical assistance to communities facing complex land use challenges. This gift is a contribution to the ULI Foundation’s first capital campaign, Our Cities, Our Future, which aims to raise $100 million in support of the Institute’s global mission.

  • April

  • 04-28-23

    Spring 2023 Issue of Urban Land

    The Spring 2023 issue of Urban Land is now available for ULI members. The cover topic is “Urban Suburbs: Innovative strategies to solve the global housing shortage.”