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  • 01-06-20

    Rethinking Real Estate: What the Past Teaches Us about the Future of Land Use

    Speaking at an event in New York City, Dror Poleg, a former real estate and technology executive and co-chair of ULI New York’s Technology and Innovation Council, said shifts in real estate often result from overlooked factors that alter its value, beginning in the faraway emergence of landlord-tenant relations out of feudalism and stretching to the innovations of today.

  • 01-03-20

    Data-Driven Physical Real Estate Still Wins with China’s Retail Consumers

    When e-commerce first became entrenched in China, it seemed to sound the death knell for traditional retail. Sporting venues and other cultural attractions are helping bring foot traffic to the experiential retail of the future, said panelists at a ULI event in Shanghai.

  • December

  • 12-11-19

    ULI Advisory Panel Charts Path for More Equitable Kansas City Parks System

    The 125-year-old parks system in Kansas City, Missouri, is a source of much civic pride. But the system also played a role in creating divisions in the community. A century later, these effects still reverberate in the parks system as development trends, zoning policies, and financial challenges have perpetuated inequity, according to panelists speaking at a ULI Advisory Services presentation in Kansas City, Missouri.

  • 12-02-19

    Sifting Through the Fads and the Must-Haves

    Which emerging real estate technologies will become the must-haves, and which will be the near misses? You can take your chances on a $100 doorbell, but if you are investing millions in a property or trying to run a profitable business, you cannot afford to waste resources on fads. Those two questions—what are the unintended consequences, and which technologies have staying power—are themes running throughout this special issue of Urban Land.

  • November

  • 11-20-19

    Building Highly Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Workplaces: Tenant and Owner Perspectives

    Greening the workplace beyond the existing building code requirements requires both tenants and owners to prioritize investing in and tracking sustainability. Two panels of experts, one composed of tenant representatives and the other of property owner representatives, discussed their challenges and solutions at “Beyond Code for a Greener Bay Area: Owner and Tenant Solutions for Sustainable Buildouts,” an event organized by ULI San Francisco and ULI’s Tenant Energy Optimization Program.

  • 11-19-19

    ULI Advisory Services: 70-Plus Years of Creative Solutions

    From recommending how communities in Puerto Rico can better prepare for extreme weather events to how Atlanta can “stitch” a divided downtown back together with new streets, buildings, and parks, ULI members have provided creative solutions to the most complex land use challenges facing communities for more than 70 years through the Institute’s Advisory Services program.

  • 11-04-19

    Mid-Year Review from ULI Europe’s Chairman

    The ULI Europe Leadership Retreat, which took place in Lisbon at the end of September, was a wonderful opportunity to catch up with fellow professionals from the real estate industry thanks to the connections made through the ULI.

  • 11-04-19

    Preview the 2019 Tech Special Issue of Urban Land

    The cover package for the 2019 Tech special issue is titled “Technology: Searching for practical solutions.” Other topics include “Smart Cities: Sidewalk’s Toronto,” “Transportation: From Scooters to Skyports,” and “Big Data: Putting Data to Work.”

  • October

  • 10-21-19

    UL Interview: Architect Alejandro Aravena

    The Chile-based global architect–and this year’s ULI J.C. Nichols lauraeate–has made extraordinary contributions to the design of affordable housing, public spaces, infrastructure, and transportation.

  • 10-07-19

    UL Interview: ULI Global Chairman Owen Thomas

    Owen D. Thomas, chief executive officer of Boston Properties, one of the nation’s largest real estate companies, is ULI’s current global chairman. A ULI governing trustee, a ULI Foundation governor, and a ULI member for more than 30 years, Thomas recently spoke with Urban Land about his career and his priorities for the Institute.