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  • 09-11-23

    Past Meets Progress: Indigo’s Innovative Take on the Future of Community Building

    Just outside of Houston, a development of the future is emerging—but it is probably not what you think. Instead of flying cars and sky-scraping utopias, this version of Tomorrowland has its roots firmly and sustainably planted in days gone by. With phase one currently under construction and new model homes, shops, and an urban farm set to open in early 2024, Indigo will feature a connected village of retail, small businesses, residential living, and outdoor spaces, with a 12-acre (4.85 ha) town center that draws inspiration from traditional Main Streets where buildings are at a human-scale and encourage interaction.

  • August

  • 08-18-23

    Housing Solutions: Build-to-Rent Helps Fills a Gap

    Since its inception, build-to-rent has been misconstrued or confused with institutional investors purchasing homes out of the hands of hard-working Americans. In reality, the industry is adding purpose-built homes to the housing supply and providing another option for those who don’t want to or can’t afford to buy.

  • 08-14-23

    Outlook for Housing Attainability

    Experts discuss the growing crisis of housing attainability for lower- and middle-income households across the United States, including ways the private and public sectors could help increase housing production, preserve existing affordable housing, and give more people access to housing; strategies for encouraging communities to accept more housing construction; and other related trends.

  • July

  • 07-12-23

    Planning Great Cities for the People and the Planet of the Future

    As the world’s population continues to grow, there will be a need for increased urbanization to accommodate more people. The question is how and when should urban planners decide to regenerate, when to expand and when to create new cities, for sustainable growth and development of future cities, since each approach comes with its benefits and its drawbacks.

  • 07-10-23

    Top-Down Construction: Engineering Solution Reduces Costs and Carbon

    Top-down construction—constructing floors at ground level, then raising them to the top of the building and then successively downward—potentially offers an attractive alternative to conventional construction.

  • June

  • 06-09-23

    A Gain in Spain: Mixed-use Development Finds a Home in Madrid

    Strict one-use-per-parcel zoning rules have long limited the growth of mixed-use projects in Spain, but the builders of a new office, residential, and commercial project in Madrid hope their example will pave the way for other integrated projects.

  • May

  • 05-22-23

    Arrival City: Immigration Shaping Toronto’s Growth and Built Environment

    Ethnic and cultural diversity, combined with a reputation as a welcoming place for immigrants, has long been a strength of the Greater Toronto Area—and it has also influenced the city’s development, panelists cautioned at ULI’s 2023 Spring Meeting.

  • 05-19-23

    How Community Involvement Can Make Retrofitting Historic Buildings a Win/Win

    The development of Zibi, a master-planned development under construction in Ottawa on 34 acres (14 ha) of waterfront property is relying heavily on feedback from the community, including consulting with Indigenous people, panelists said at the 2023 ULI Spring Meeting.

  • 05-19-23

    Solving Development Challenges in Toronto amid Soaring Demand

    Toronto is the largest city in Canada and its population is growing rapidly. As a result, demand for more housing and office space has led to a staggering amount of new development. Over the last 10 years alone, the city added 27 million square feet (2.5 million sq m) of office space. But developing in the city is not easy, and panelists shared how they are dealing with the challenges of building in Toronto at the 2023 ULI Spring Meeting.

  • 05-17-23

    The Mall’s Metamorphosis: Toronto’s Final Urban Frontier

    Shopping malls, the once-bustling hubs of commerce and community, are now facing an uncertain future in light of relentless urbanization and population growth. But as the city evolves, so too must these giants. At the 2023 ULI Spring Meeting in Toronto, industry leaders tackled this very question in the panel titled “Reimagining the Mall: The Final Urban Frontier.”