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  • 04-19-21

    ULI OnPoint Adapted and Tailored for the Asia Pacific region

    ULI OnPoint, which first launched in January, was adapted and tailored for the Asia Pacific region in March.

  • 04-19-21

    Rebuilding Legacy Communities: ULI’s Work in Pottstown, Pennsylvania

    Although Pottstown, Pennsylvania, is not well known beyond its region, the ULI Advisory Services program is no stranger to this community, which was founded in 1752.

  • 04-19-21

    How Technology Allowed ULI to Push Forward

    Decisions made years ago to invest in new technologies—and to continually upgrade existing platforms—allowed ULI to pivot rapidly to online delivery of vital member services.

  • 04-19-21

    Marking Earth Day 2021: Restoring Our Earth

    For more than 50 years, Earth Day has been observed as a day of mobilization for environmental protection and preservation. This week, it is celebrated by ULI, environmental stewardship organizations, and other organizations working to enhance the built environment and implement solutions to make communities more green, healthy, and equitable.

  • 04-12-21

    Student Team from Toronto-Area Universities Wins 2021 Hines Competition

    A team composed of students from three Toronto-area universities—Ryerson University, York University, and University of Toronto—has taken top honors in the 2021 ULI Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition.

  • 04-12-21

    Bolstering Economic Recovery in the Washington, D.C., Central Business District

    Washington, D.C., can advance the recovery of the business, tourist, and neighborhood activity in its central business district (CBD) through multiple community-led initiatives, according to a new ULI report, based on the first ULI Virtual Advisory Services panel (vASP).

  • 04-12-21

    Prepping for Post-COVID: Accelerating Investments while Repositioning Lagging Sectors

    While many businesses in the United States have been coping with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic for a year or longer, the broader availability of vaccines and a rebounding global economy are cause for more optimism than skepticism across the real estate industry, said industry leaders participating in a recent ULI webinar. Industrial, self-storage, and single-family rentals have been some of the sectors surging, while laggard sectors are still betting on a burgeoning recovery. 

  • 04-12-21

    Three Developers Greening the U.S. Housing Industry

    Much of the United States is walking a fine line between providing much-needed housing and also meeting federal, state, and local sustainability goals. Three panelists shared how the seek to meet or exceed or exceed those goals at the 2021 ULI Housing Opportunity Conference in March.

  • 04-12-21

    Healthier by Design

    ULI MEMBER–ONLY CONTENT: Developers, architects, engineers, and scientists are blending design and technological innovations to transform buildings into enduring lines of defense against disease.

  • 04-08-21

    Keywords for Returning to the Office: Flexibility, Technology, Variety, and Health

    Will the COVID-19 pandemic bring about the end of the viability of open-plan office space? Panelists speaking during a recent ULI Asia Pacific webinar concluded that flexibility, technology, variety, and health would be the key concepts bringing companies and key employees back to offices.