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  • 04-03-20

    Confronting COVID-19: Healthier Buildings and Optimizing for Mental Health

    The role of the built environment in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and helping people cope with the pandemic and its aftermath was discussed by healthy building experts convened by ULI.

  • 04-02-20

    What ULI Members are Saying: Browse Thought Leadership Featuring Member Expertise

    Since 1936, our members’ shared knowledge, networks, and experience have guided the real estate industry through times of uncertainty and change. In the face of the current environment, ULI’s members are shaping the industry response to COVID-19 and charting the path forward. Now, more than ever, stay up to date on the latest insights from your peers with this carefully curated list of published content from ULI members.

  • 04-02-20

    Addressing the Impact of COVID-19: A Roundup of Available ULI Resources

    Make the most of your ULI membership in these uncertain times by leveraging your ULI network and accessing the wealth of member insights available, including these online resources.

  • 04-01-20

    Owners and Tenants Adjusting to a New World for Multifamily

    Multifamily property managers in the United States are developing a new playbook to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. The primary focus for apartment owners and managers is making sure their residents and employees are safe. At the same time, the industry is very much in the customer service business.

  • 04-01-20

    Cities within Cities: Toronto’s New Mega-Mixed-Use Projects

    Seeking innovative ways to accommodate Toronto’s growing population, developers across the city are launching “mega-mixed-use” projects that are redefining urban living for generations to come.

  • March

  • 03-31-20

    Stay Connected and Engaged: Upcoming ULI Webinars

    ULI provides a wide range of online programming for professionals in the real estate development industry. Through a series of webinars, you can access lessons learned and best practices from ULI members and other industry leaders around the globe. Whether your topic of interest is the impact of economic disruption or the basic to advanced elements of investment and development, ULI has the resources you need.

  • 03-30-20

    Audio: Leading Voices in Real Estate

    ULI Los Angeles recently hosted a recording of Leading Voices in Real Estate, a podcast hosted by Matt Slepin, founder managing partner of Terra Search and a ULI Foundation Governor. Now in its third year, this podcast also recently featured Spencer Levy, chairman of Americas Research and senior economic advisor for CBRE, talking about COVID-19 and the early signs of impact on the commercial real estate market.

  • 03-27-20

    Insights for Real Estate Leaders on Public Health and the Built Environment

    The global impact to human health and economic stability resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak is likely to quickly and dramatically elevate health and wellness as key factors influencing urban design and development as well as building management and operations, according to industry experts convened by ULI for a webinar on the impacts of the pandemic. The event was the first of a series of webinars being offered to explore how various aspects of the real estate industry are being affected by the virus and the industry’s response.

  • 03-25-20

    What Works to Create and Sustain Mixed-Income Communities

    Two ULI members, working with ULI Terwilliger Center staff, have authored an essay on the developer’s role in cultivating inclusive, equitable mixed-income communities.

  • 03-25-20

    Reshaping Europe’s Retail in an Age of E-Commerce

    A timely report by ULI Europe sets out the potential triggers for the required restructuring of Europe’s retail real estate sector.