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  • 06-17-19

    Alibaba’s “City Brain” Could Help Reduce Car Traffic Dramatically in Hangzhou and Five Other Cities in China

    An ambitious project in Hangzhou—the city where Alibaba is headquartered—is using big data, sensors, and artificial intelligence to reduce congestion in the growing city, said a speaker at the ULI Asia Pacific Summit 2019 in Shanghai. It is now being implemented in other cities in Asia and could be used to drive development decisions for city government in the future.

  • 06-17-19

    ULI Philippines Real Estate Library Under Construction

    ULI Philippines is creating the first ULI Library outside the United States in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Manila. Named the BGC–ULI Public Library for Urban Sustainability (BU+PLUS), the new facility will be located on the covered roof-deck penthouse area of the De La Salle University Rufino Campus. The library is scheduled to open by the third quarter of 2019.

  • 06-17-19

    Prospects for Japan’s Capital and Real Estate Markets

    Asset prices in Japan have risen strongly in recent years, fueled by influences including cheap and abundant capital, positive yield spreads, slow but steady economic growth, and a resurgent tourism sector that has proved to be a boon for local retailers. And, not least, positive sentiment around the 2020 Summer Olympics has been a factor, with many investors believing the market will remain buoyant until after the Games are finished. Recently, however, perceptions have shifted, with a growing body of opinion gravitating towards the view that a correction may occur well before summer 2020.

  • 06-11-19

    Shanghai’s Regeneration: More Than Glass-and-Steel High-Rises

    Though the postcard photos of Shanghai’s gleaming Pudong district are familiar, fewer people are aware of the large numbers of heritage properties the city is conserving and regenerating, said anelists at the 2019 ULI Asia Pacific Summit.

  • 06-11-19

    ULI Announces 10 Winners of the Asia Pacific Awards for Excellence

    A jury composed of ULI full members has selected the winners of the 2019 ULI Asia Pacific Awards for Excellence, recognizing and celebrating a diverse group of projects that showcase best land use practice from across the region. “Asia Pacific is home to many exemplary projects,” said Nicholas Brooke, chairman of ULI Asia Pacific. “All the winners of this year’s award demonstrate best practice in land use and continue to push the industry forward while putting people first.”

  • 06-10-19

    Leveraging Public-Sector Funds Wisely Is Key to Rebuilding Communities

    At the ULI U.K. National Conference, panelists identified how redevelopment can contribute to building integrated, prosperous communities, drawing examples from Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom’s Midlands.

  • 06-10-19

    Bangkok: The Sinking City Faces Severe Climate Challenges

    Thais have long focused on the need for water management—but many are calling for more action.

  • 06-10-19

    Southern China’s Greater Bay Area

    The ambitious development plan promises great rewards, but faces multiple challenges in integrating diverse communities.

  • 06-10-19

    Embedding Sustainability in Real Estate Transactions

    Increasingly, investor pressure is driving companies to analyze not just typical financial risks, but also how sustainability plays into the equation and positively affects a deal.

  • 06-07-19

    2019 Asia Special Issue of Urban Land Is Available Now

    The cover package for 2019 Asia special issue is titled “Finding Balance: The quest for smart buildings, smart tourism, and smart climate strategies.” Other topics include “South Korea: Heritage at Jeonju Hanok Village,” “ China: Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel,” and “Thailand: Dealing with Bangkok’s Climate Challenge.” This special issue will be available at the ULI Asia Pacific conference in Shanghai and mailed to ULI members in Asia.