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  • 11-23-20

    In Brief: CBRE Outlook for 2021 Sees Strength in Industrial, Data Centers, and Multifamily

    CBRE has released the 2021 U.S. Real Estate Market Outlook, calling for a strengthened recovery of all U.S. commercial real estate sectors as the broader economy bounces back. The outlook anticipates that sectors like office, retail, and hotels will begin a slow recovery next year.

  • 11-23-20

    The ULI Foundation: 50 Years of Giving Back

    As a charitable 501(c)3 organization that supports the Institute’s mission-driven programs—from district councils enacting change on a local level to UrbanPlan introducing the concepts of real estate and planning to the next generation of developers—the ULI Foundation is dedicated to supporting ULI’s mission of improving cities around the globe.

  • 11-23-20

    Rise of Cloud Kitchens: Roughly Half of Delivered Food in Singapore Coming from Virtual Food Prep Hubs

    ULI MEMBER-ONLY CONTENT: Well-prepared food of practically any cuisine you can imagine, delivered to you with the help of busy drones and robots. In the not-too-distant future, this could be an everyday reality for people in cities all over the world, said a speaker at the the ULI Asia Pacific Leadership Convivium.

  • 11-19-20

    By Going Virtual, ULI/REAP Fall Academy Draws from Broader Pool of Talent

    The ULI/REAP Virtual Fall Academy launched with more than 150 candidates enrolled in the live and on-demand program running through graduation in mid-December. Participants were also invited to ULI’s Fall Meeting and provided with ULI memberships to jump-start their professional transition.

  • 11-16-20

    Asia’s Fashion Outlets Pivot to Omnichannel, Focusing on Customer Service

    ULI MEMBER-ONLY CONTENT: At the 2020 ULI Asia Pacific Leadership Convivium, an international retail CEO shared her experience of engaging with customers, both offline and online, during the COVID-19 pandemic and how working with understanding landlords has helped create win/win outcomes.

  • 11-16-20

    Solution File: A City Center at the Fringe

    A public/private partnership in Surrey, British Columbia, builds a mixed-use point city center near Vancouver.

  • 11-10-20

    Two New ULI Reports Highlight the Need for the Real Estate Industry to Promote Health and Social Equity

    Two new reports released by ULI highlight the state of the real estate industry’s adoption of health and social equity practices and the need for the industry to better promote those already in existence. The protests for racial justice that spread throughout the United States and beyond during the summer, along with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, have elevated health and social equity as focus areas for real estate practitioners.

  • 11-10-20

    ULI Launches Curtis Infrastructure Initiative, Promoting Solutions in Cities Worldwide

    ULI has announced the launch of the Curtis Infrastructure Initiative, a multiyear initiative to identify and promote infrastructure solutions to create equitable, resilient cities and enhance long-term community value. The initiative aims to provide research and practical tools to help ULI members advance infrastructure investment and identify new solutions to local infrastructure issues, as well as directly support member engagement at the local level through the Institute’s 52 district councils.

  • 11-09-20

    The Coming of the Climigrants

    ULI MEMBER–ONLY CONTENT: As climate change puts coastal areas at risk from rising seas and subjects Sun Belt and Southeast cities to hotter temperatures, some of their residents may go elsewhere. Experts say it is time to start preparing.

  • 11-09-20

    PwC/ULI: Europe’s Real Estate Industry Faces “Challenging Time” but Maintains Long-Term Appeal Due to Low Interest Rates

    Europe’s property sector is in the midst of a cyclical downturn that is coinciding with long-term structural changes in real estate, according to the 18th edition of the Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Europe report. However, according to the PwC and ULI survey of almost 1,000 industry leaders across Europe, real estate generally is seen as one of the few asset classes to generate acceptable returns at a time of low or negative interest rates.