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  • 05-22-17

    ULX: 10 Libraries as Community Hubs

    The following ten projects—all completed during the past five years—include facilities that strengthen pedestrian links to waterfronts, renovated buildings that open up interiors to views and daylight, and a converted JCPenney department store.

  • 05-22-17

    Cities Need to Build More Sustainably to Lower Housing Costs, Reduce Flood Risk

    Cities are recognizing the risks associated with rising water levels, natural disasters, and potential epidemics. During ULI Washington’s recent Real Estate Trends event, panelists discussed the business case for employing sound methods and practices to create healthier, safer building environments.

  • 05-22-17

    Industrial REITs Post Soft Performance Despite Surging Demand

    As job growth in the professional services sector has increased substantially over the past several years, office real estate investment trusts (REITs) have benefited from strong leasing fundamentals. However, more office construction and oversupply concentrated in major metro areas such as New York City, Houston, and Washington, D.C., continue to concern those in the market. Plus, interest rate survey data from Trepp.

  • 05-22-17

    How the City of Cologne Is Reinventing Itself for the 21st Century

    Cologne, the fourth-largest city in Germany, is facing a population challenge. In recent years, the “little big city on the Rhine” has grown faster than projected, with a current population exceeding 1 million. One new projection from the city predicts that at least 142,000 new residents will move to Cologne by 2040—an increase of 13.5 percent. But municipal leaders are embracing the challenge and working with residents to redesign and redevelop Cologne in a sustainable way to accommodate urban growth and preserve the city’s social diversity.

  • 05-22-17

    Economic Forecasts for Germany Remain Strong Despite Global Uncertainty

    Brexit and the recent U.S. and French elections came up in many conversations at ULI Germany’s recent Urban Leader Summit in Frankfurt. Although panelists said they are concerned about the geopolitical changes afoot, the domestic German economy remains strong.

  • 05-19-17

    How Autonomous Vehicles Will Redesign Our Cities: The Future of Transportation Goes beyond Roads

    The wave of autonomous vehicles is finally rising just as city living is more popular than ever. But the impact of autonomous vehicles will be felt far beyond what happens on the streets.

  • 05-18-17

    Apartments, High-End Retail Spurring Redevelopment of Tijuana’s Historic Downtown

    Tijuana’s historic Zona Centro, a 55-block downtown district and a ten-minute walk from the U.S. border, is undergoing a renaissance that is replacing taco stands and tourist curio shops with residential developments, great restaurants, collaborative workspaces, art galleries, bicycle stations, craft beer breweries, and other entertainment venues. To celebrate its progress, ULI San Diego/Tijuana has selected Zona Centro for the 2017 Emerging Healthy Places Award.

  • 05-16-17

    The Latest Real Estate Amenity: Gigabit Internet Service

    Gigabit service is the next-generation advance in web browsing and data handling. Its widespread deployment in the United States only began this decade, so its availability is still limited to less than 15 percent of the population, according to industry surveys and the latest statistics from the U.S. Department of Commerce. But access is surging, with hundreds of companies now providing fiber connections, and availability of the “gig” is emerging as a development tool for cities and a competitive advantage for real estate properties offering it.

  • 05-16-17

    Rebounding Energy Sector Plus $2 Billion in TOD Buoy Development in Dallas

    At a ULI North Texas event in Dallas, panelists said that the renewed optimism among small business owners, strong consumer confidence, and a robust U.S. job market suggest that the next recession may be further away than predicted just a year ago. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is well-positioned for further gains, as 16 competed or under construction projects near DART stations are forecast to produce $2 billion in economic development.

  • 05-15-17

    CEO Perspective: ULI at Its Best—Advisory Services

    Of all of the Institute’s many offerings, perhaps the one that best delivers an ideal combination of member value and mission advancement is our Advisory Services program.