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  • 04-20-18

    Envisioning Walkable, Denser Suburbs with Reduced Parking Needs

    A panel of experts at ULI’s Trends Conference in Washington, D.C., said that thriving suburbs will continue to become more walkable and dense where appropriate, with fewer big-box stores surrounded by parking lots.

  • 04-20-18

    Driving Economic Growth in Arizona with Smarter Transportation Technology

    Autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and how Arizona is poised on the leading edge of what Timothy Burr, director of public policy for Lyft, dubbed “the third transportation evolution” were the recurring themes of ULI Arizona’s latest Trends Day in February.

  • 04-20-18

    Audio: ‘Detroit Rising’ Podcast Previews the ULI Spring Meeting

    Jill Ferrari, a partner at Shelborne Development and vice chair of the Urban Land Institute of Michigan, and Eric Larson, CEO of Larson Realty Group and CEO of Downtown Detroit Partnership, were recently interviewed on a podcast produced by Crain’s Detroit Business.

  • 04-19-18

    ULI Forecast Calls for Positive Outlook through 2018, Slowing in 2019

    The new ULI Real Estate Economic Forecast is taking a more bullish view on the U.S. economy—at least for the next year. As compared with the fall survey, key indicators such as gross domestic product (GDP) growth, jobs, and the Consumer Property Price Index (CPPI) all trended higher. But that boost may be short lived with growth tapering in 2019 and 2020.

  • 04-19-18

    Enriching the City with Public Art

    Designated a “City of Design” by UNESCO, Detroit is writing public art into its comeback story.

  • 04-16-18

    Video: View from the Top of the Comcast Technology Center in Philadelphia

    In January 2014, Comcast Corporation announced that it would build a second skyscraper at 1800 Arch Street in Philadelphia’s Center City, near the Comcast Center headquarters that it had moved into just six years before. The tallest building in Philadelphia is set to open its doors in 2018.

  • 04-16-18

    Three Emerging Technologies Shaping the Future of Cities

    Speaking at the ULI Carolinas Meeting in February, consultant Paul Doherty of The Digit Group described how 3-D printing, building information modeling, and piezoelectricity are reshaping the built environment.

  • 04-16-18

    Building Homes for the “Missing Middle” in Denver

    High construction costs and low inventories are driving home prices ever higher in some of America’s fastest-growing cities, said panelists speaking at a recent ULI Colorado event.

  • 04-16-18

    Outlook for U.S. Growth Has Improved over Last Six Months; Industrial to Outperform

    Real estate economists boosted their outlook for economic growth in March’s ULI Real Estate Economic Forecast, compared with the survey of six months ago. The expectation for stronger economic growth is accompanied by the potential for higher inflation and interest rates. The higher rates, however, are not projected to be detrimental to real estate returns: Forecasts for industrial returns are higher than in the previous survey.

  • 04-11-18

    Driving People to the Motor City

    With his own Quicken Loans headquarters, historic rehabs—and a new Shinola boutique hotel—Dan Gilbert’s Bedrock Detroit brings back the cool.