Industry Leaders See Costs Dropping, Interest Increasing in Healthier Homes and Communities

Member-Only Content: Health is not just a trend in real estate development but an important factor that differentiates projects and benefits people and communities, Randall Lewis, ULI Foundation governor and executive vice president of Lewis Management Corp., said at a ULI Fall Meeting product council session he moderated on healthy living principles.

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Climate Migration Is a Growing Reality in the United States

ULI MEMBER-ONLY CONTENT: As COVID-19 has changed housing preferences and led to some migration away from metropolitan areas, climate change also is beginning to trigger migration in the United States, said experts at the 2020 ULI Virtual Fall Meeting.

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Leading Innovators Share Latest in Sustainability Technology at ULI’s Virtual Fall Meeting

ULI-MEMBER ONLY CONTENT: At the 2020 ULI Virtual Fall Meeting, each Innovation Partner was featured in a short, on-demand fireside chat session during which a company representative was joined by another Greenprint member to talk through the technology or service offering and how it advances sustainability for the industry.

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Current Path of Climate Warming May Lead to Chaotic Migration, Climate Expert Spencer Glendon Warns

Because their decisions are lasting, real estate professionals must lead the way to cutting carbon emissions by 50 percent in this decade, and then by 100 percent by 2050, Spencer Glendon, senior fellow at the Woodwell Climate Research Center, told participants in ULI’s Virtual Fall Meeting. He exhorted real estate leaders to pressure others for change, even to beg for regulation, in order to avoid potentially chaotic migrations as people eventually abandon areas rendered undesirable or even uninhabitable by rising temperatures and drought. “You can’t do this alone. You must demand better regulation,” he said.

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