ULI has released its 2017 Annual Report, Connections Unbound,” which highlights member-driven accomplishments and impact in fiscal year 2017 (July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017). In FY 2017, members engaged in activities that strengthened connections aimed at improving the real estate and land use industry, fostered innovation in land use best practices, and delivered results to communities in need of land use expertise.

The report demonstrates the breadth and depth of members’ commitment to advancing ULI’s mission of leadership in the responsible use of land. It showcases nearly two dozen examples of member-led initiatives, including:

  • The launch of Navigator, an engagement tool that puts members back in control of their ULI experience, making programs easier to understand, entry to participation more streamlined, and opportunities more inclusive for all career stages.
  • The Key Leaders Engagement Program, which aligns the Institute’s most senior-level members’ interests, passions, and expertise with opportunities that will help them make the biggest impact. ULI launched this program in FY 2017 because leaders said they wanted to offer even more of their time and skills, and because they said they wanted the process of getting involved to be easier.
  • ULI’s new guiding principle of “once a Trustee, always a Trustee.” Trustees serve on a permanent basis, with a new appointment process and dedicated staff support team to provide these leaders with more tailored opportunities.
  • Expansion of the UrbanPlan program to Germany, Poland, and Ireland.
  • Advisory Services panels focused on workforce housing in an affluent Florida community and on updating Hong Kong’s urban design guidelines to attract new residents and businesses.
  • Real estate and land use best practices for European cities on the front lines of the migration crisis.
  • A new program that allows tenants in commercial buildings to optimize energy use in their spaces, realizing savings and reducing emissions in the process.

The Annual Report also features a series of video dialogues that bring together five ULI global leaders with other established and emerging ULI leaders for insightful and wide-ranging conversations. Hear ULI Global Chairman Tom Toomey, ULI Americas Chairman Trish Healy, ULI Asia Pacific Chairman N.H. Seek, ULI Europe Chairman Jon Zehner, and Immediate Past ULI Global Chairman Randy Rowe reflect on a variety of topics, including how ULI has made a difference in their careers.

The Annual Report recognizes and celebrates ULI’s global leadership—industry leaders who represent the top real estate and land use companies and organizations in the world. The report also recognizes the invaluable financial support members and partners provide to the Institute through ULI Foundation giving programs, including major gifts, contributions to the Annual Report, and support of the endowment.

Explore the ULI 2017 Annual Report today. Visit annualreport.uli.org.