Reducing Land Use Conflicts through Collaborative Easements

Communities can increase the land available for housing while protecting existing industrial and other uses by collaborating in advance on recorded easements.

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ULX: Multifaceted Mixed Use

Ten projects create synergy among different uses.

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In Brief: The Top-Selling Master-Planned Communities of 2018

The 50 top-selling U.S. master-planned communities (MPCs) during 2018 surpassed their sales totals for the previous year by an average of 5 percent, according to data from RCLCO Real Estate Advisors. The top two communities were both in Florida: the Villages, with 2,134 home sales, is once again the top-selling community in the country, followed by Sarasota, Florida’s Lakewood Ranch.

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Driving Office Redevelopment in the U.S. Northeast

A number of cities in the U.S. Northeast are supplanting outdated office product with new thanks to strong, diversified economies; vigorous job creation; and increasing formation of businesses. Further driving development in the Northeast—New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey—is continuing demand from the education and medicine (“eds and meds”) and technology sectors, among others.

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Recent Articles

  • Envisioning a Data-Driven Office Space in Tokyo

    December 3, 2018

    While new office space paradigms are emerging in response to changes in technology and work styles, there is no consensus about the “best” future for workspace. A panel of real estate investors, occupiers, and corporate real estate experts discussed the future of workspace at the ULI Japan Fall Conference, held in Tokyo in November.

  • Cautious Confidence Driving Optimism across Sectors in Philadelphia

    As part of the release of Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2019, ULI Philadelphia gathered a panel of industry leaders to talk about what is working and what is not for their sectors both in Philadelphia and other parts of the eastern United States.

  • In Brief: New U.S. Apartments Are Getting Smaller and More Expensive

    According to data from Yardi Matrix, the average size of a new U.S. apartment has shrunk 5 percent over the last 10 years, while the average price has risen 28 percent. The average floor plan of a new apartment measures 941 square feet (87.4 sq m), but that is still larger than the overall average of 882 square feet (82 sq m).

  • Building Workplaces to Drive Innovation over Productivity in Shenzhen

    November 21, 2018

    The workplace of the future needs to provide flexibility and wellness in order to drive innovation, said a design expert giving a keynote at the 2018 ULI Japan Fall Conference in Tokyo.

  • Two Developers Leverage Art and Placemaking in Miami

    November 6, 2018

    Perhaps it is no coincidence that both Craig Robins, president and chief executive officer of real estate development company Dacra, and Kieran Bowers, president of Swire Properties, were schooled in the humanities before becoming real estate developers. Both spoke at the ULI Miami Investor Symposium about their careers and the influence of creative placemaking on their projects.

  • Small Town, Big Need: Making Multifamily Projects Work in Rural Communities

    November 5, 2018

    Housing affordability has become one of the most talked-about land use issues in virtually every major urban center in North America. Less focus has been directed to the lack of affordable housing options in small towns and rural areas, despite a significant need that spans the demographic spectrum.

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