Best Returns May Lie Out of the Spotlight for Hong Kong’s Value-Add Market

While investment volumes in commercial real estate in Hong Kong were up strongly last year, flagship office buildings and prime development sites are beyond the reach of all but a handful of players. For most investors, more interesting opportunities lie in other, less-visible parts of the market. Rather than waiting for (and possibly missing) the next correction, investors who are willing to roll up their sleeves may find opportunities away from the spotlight.

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Fighting for Affordable Housing in Washington, D.C.

The District’s government, a private developer, and community activists agree on the need to preserve affordable housing. But the details sparked a multiyear battle.

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UL Interview: N.H. Seek

JLL’s head of research for Asia Pacific chats with the chairman of Global Logistic Properties—and outgoing ULI Asia Pacific chairman.

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Creating Positive Community Collisions in Downtown Las Vegas

Though best known as the chief executive officer of fast-growing online shoe and clothing business Zappos, Tony Hsieh is also leading one of the largest urban regeneration projects in the United States in downtown Las Vegas.

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  • “Maker Spaces” for Local Crafts Producers Add Vitality to Cities

    May 7, 2018

    Artists and other creative types need small, affordable places—and patient capital, Detroit experts say.

  • Needs for More Power, Flexibility Driving Markets for Industrial Property

    May 3, 2018

    E-commerce has brought industrial into the 21st century, said panelists at the ULI Spring Meeting, and technology has become more sophisticated in today’s industrial offerings. More important, industrial developers are constructing product that provides flexibility for tenant users, with more container parking storage and additional car parking if the tenant is an e-commerce user.

  • The Key to Building Housing Faster, Safer—and More Profitably

    Fully Integrated Off-Site Solution (FIOSS) systems could solve the labor shortage in U.S. housing construction markets, says Gerard McCaughey, chief executive officer of Entekra Inc.

  • Workplaces May Not Shrink Further, but They May Gain Flexibility

    Companies may be starting to see that squeezing more employees into less space is starting to be counterproductive, but panelists at ULI’s 2018 Spring Meeting agreed that expansive offices were largely a thing of the past, especially with wireless communications and cloud-based applications increasingly allowing employees to get much of their work done off site.

  • Developers Ilitch and Gilbert Describe Their Roles in Detroit’s Revival

    May 2, 2018

    Two developers who have been major forces behind the city’s resurgence said that the struggle to overcome hard times has positioned Detroit for robust growth.

  • Western Michigan Focuses on Livability—and Millennials on the Move

    April 30, 2018

    Western Michigan—which includes Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Holland, and Kalamazoo—has a long history in agribusiness. But the region also has rapidly growing life sciences clusters specializing in everything from medical equipment and surgical devices, to a robust manufacturing sector, focused on metals, plastics, biopharmaceuticals, and automotive products, as well as office furniture.

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