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  • 03-24-23

    ULI Report: Why Retail Location Is No Longer Everything

    There’s perhaps no more famous saying in retail than “location is everything.” But is it? Based on ULI’s recently published report, Successful Retail: How 14 Shopping Centers Are Thriving Today, in a post-pandemic retail world, location is indeed an important driver of success—arguably the key driver—but it is not the be-all and end-all.

  • 03-13-23

    Cracks Emerging in U.S. Office Sector Lending; More Pain Ahead?

    Office property owners who were able to weather the worst of the pandemic are crashing into a hard reality wrought by sharply lower demand and higher interest rates. Undercurrents of stress are now emerging in the form of defaults.

  • February

  • 02-27-23

    Forecasting 2023: As Rates Rise, Even Cities Like Indianapolis Face Housing Affordability Issues

    In late January, ULI Indiana convened a panel of local real estate experts to unpack Indiana real estate trends for 2023.

  • 02-22-23

    Russell Innovation Center CEO Jay Bailey on How Real Estate Can Help Close the Racial Wealth Gap

    Jay Bailey, president and CEO of the Atlanta-based Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs, or RICE, is committed to championing Black entrepreneurs and creating unparalleled opportunities. Urban Land recently interviewed Bailey on the subject of how commercial real estate can be used to help close the racial wealth gap.

  • January

  • 01-30-23

    Emerging Trends 2023: Canada

    For years, Canada has been an attractive place to invest in real estate, thanks to rising rents, valuations, and returns, as well as Canada’s stability and immigration trends. But as in the United States, the Canadian real estate industry was hit hard in 2022 by factors including inflation, resulting in significant disruption. Nevertheless, as in the United States, industry experts say the long-term picture remains positive due to strong fundamental underpinnings.

  • 01-13-23

    In the Land of Broken Deals: Four Key Commercial Real Estate Lending Trends for 2023

    For grizzled veterans of commercial real estate, the return to a “negative leverage” environment may have been unforeseen but surely was not unique.

  • 01-06-23

    Public-Sector Innovation: $400 Million P3 SoCal Rehab Delivers Cutting-Edge Government Center

    Thanks to one of the largest public/private partnerships ever assembled in California, Orange County now boasts cutting-edge, energy-efficient government buildings.

  • 01-03-23

    Investors Backing Off Opportunity Funds in 2023

    The boom in private-equity real estate fundraising that has delivered a slew of billion-dollar megafunds in recent years has slammed into some formidable headwinds. Yet, near-term challenges are not diminishing the appetite for capital among a still-crowded field of fund managers and sponsors.

  • 01-03-23

    Managing a Slowdown: What the Top Investors Said at the 2022 ULI/McCoy Symposium on Real Estate Finance

    Rising interest rates have scrambled the plans of many real estate investors and finance leaders. No one knows how much more interest rates will rise, how much property prices will fall, or whether the U.S. economy will dive into a recession, experience a mild downturn, or even continue to grow. Industry leaders discussed this and more at the 29th ULI/McCoy Symposium on Real Estate Finance, a  gathering of real estate leaders held in December.

  • December

  • 12-19-22

    View from the Top on Capital Markets: Takeaways from Allen Matkins’ 2022 Fall Roundtable

    The ULI/Allen Matkins Capital Markets Roundtable, now in its eighth year, brings together investors, developers, lenders, managers, and intermediaries to share insights and perspectives on the current and future outlook for real estate capital markets. topics discussed included which sectors of the market are strong, which should be avoided; and what the thoughts and strategies of some major players in real estate financing and investing are for the coming year.