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  • 07-17-23

    Asia Real Estate Leverages Proptech to Cut Carbon

    With the Asia Pacific region comprising 4.3 billion people and many of the world’s biggest cities, the sheer scale of the sustainability challenge there is daunting. However, asset owners are increasingly using more sustainable designs and technologies to boost the performance of their assets.

  • 07-12-23

    Planning Great Cities for the People and the Planet of the Future

    As the world’s population continues to grow, there will be a need for increased urbanization to accommodate more people. The question is how and when should urban planners decide to regenerate, when to expand and when to create new cities, for sustainable growth and development of future cities, since each approach comes with its benefits and its drawbacks.

  • 07-10-23

    Scaling Growth across India and the Broader Office Sector in Asia Pacific

    The second half of 2020 through to the following year was probably the busiest investment period in the two decades at Brookfield in the Asia Pacific region, according to the investment management firm managing partner and chief investment officer Lowell Baron. Baron spoke at a fireside chat session at the 2023 ULI Asia Pacific Summit opposite moderator Radha Dhir, JLL’s CEO and country head for India.

  • 07-01-23

    Reflecting on Philanthropy, Education, and 30 Years in Real Estate with Xander Group Founder Sid Yog

    Sid Yog, the founding partner of Xander Group, reflected on his career in discussion with ESR Hong Kong managing director Rui Hua Chang during a fireside chat at the ULI Asia Pacific Summit 2023 in Singapore.

  • June

  • 06-18-23

    What Placemaking Means Today and into the Future

    Curating and creating great spaces is at the heart of what industry players in the built environment sector do every day. Placemaking is the “art and science” of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

  • 06-15-23

    Rise of the Robots: Futurist Says AI and Automation Still Have Huge Potential

    And, according to bestselling author, entrepreneur, and futurist, Martin Ford, who delivered the closing keynote address at the ULI Asia Pacific Summit 2023, artificial intelligence, or AI, will soon “touch, impact and influence” every aspect of our daily lives.

  • 06-12-23

    Investors Say Asia Pacific Real Estate Decoupled from Global Markets

    The 2023 ULI Asia Pacific Summit in Singapore brought together a panel of prominent investors to discuss how a fast-changing global macro environment is impacting Asia Pacific’s commercial real estate markets. Panelists noted that current conditions are uncharted territory for an industry conditioned by 40 years of falling interest rates and inflation.

  • 06-05-23

    High Housing Costs and Shifting Attitudes Making Build-to-Rent More Viable in Asia Pacific

    ULI Asia Pacific Young Leaders hosted a forum on housing attainability in May with a focus on Australia, China, and Singapore. The event started with a short presentation by Ken Rhee, Senior Director of ULI China and the primary author of the newly released 2023 ULI Asia Pacific Home Attainability Index.

  • 06-05-23

    One Environment: Infrastructure Strategies Bringing Nature Back to Cities

    Nature and water are often “hidden” in certain parts of cities, within confined structures or swamp ecosystems. The March ULI InfraXchange featured Michael Van Valkenburg Associate-led project Waterloo Greenway Waller Creek in Austin, Henning Larsen’s project with Jurong Lakeside Garden in Singapore, and ULI Philadelphia’s North Broad Renaissance Initiative, a ULI Curtis Infrastructure TAP project.

  • April

  • 04-17-23

    How China’s Real Estate Sector Is Recovering Since the Reversal of “Zero COVID” Policy

    In March, ULI member leaders based in Shanghai, China, engaged in a discussion on how China’s real estate market has been recovering since end of the “zero COVID” policy in December.