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  • 02-10-20

    Seeing the Built Environment as Both the Problem and the Solution for Climate Change

    Nearly every speaker at the ULI Europe 2020 Conference in Amsterdam had something to say about one issue: climate change. The property industry is directly at risk from increasingly frequent extreme weather events, and stricter regulations are shaping the development and maintenance of properties.

  • 02-19-19

    How City Leaders Are Building Sustainable, Diverse, and Inclusive Communities

    Speaking at the recent ULI Europe Conference, two mayors described the paths that elected officials in their cities took in rebuilding from the economic collapse of manufacturing, while embracing diversity as a means to turn around their cities’ fortunes.

  • 02-19-19

    Achieving Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in the 21st Century

    At the recent ULI Europe Conference in London, Michael Gove, the current Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for the U.K., and Lord Adair Turner, chair of both the Energy Transitions Commission and the Institute for New Economic Thinking, discussed how inclusive and sustainable economic growth can be achieved while also addressing issues of climate change and wage inequality.

  • 02-11-19

    Stabilizing a Global Financial Institution in an Age of Uncertainty

    Jes Staley, CEO of multinational investment bank Barclays, spoke at the ULI Europe Conference in London, sharing his recent experiences addressing shifting financial regulations and the evolving opportunity presented by new technologies.

  • 02-05-19

    Report Highlights Need for Better Understanding of Investment Risk Assessment in Age of Climate Change

    A new report from ULI and Heitman, a global real estate investment management firm, points to the pressing need for greater understanding throughout the industry of the investment risks posed by the impacts of climate change. Climate Risk and Real Estate Investment Decision-Making explores current methods for assessing and mitigating climate risk in real estate, including physical risks such as catastrophes and transitional risks such as regulatory changes, availability of resources, and attractiveness of locations.

  • June

  • 06-04-18

    KaDeWe: Operating on a Beating Heart in Berlin

    Berlin’s landmark luxury shopping center is being refreshed at a price in the hundreds of millions and with Rem Koolhaas at the helm.

  • February

  • 02-20-18

    How the Sharing Economy, Artificial Intelligence, and 3-D Printing Are Altering the Built Environment

    In a number of sessions at the ULI Europe Conference in Berlin, investment and development leaders shared their thoughts on the tech issues that they think hold the most promise to disrupt the industry—and the ones that keep them up at night.

  • January

  • 01-26-18

    CEO Perspective: Enhancing the Member Experience

    Lisette van Doorn, Chief Executive Officer of ULI Europe, shares some of the ongoing effort to enhance the benefits for our members and make ULI more relevant on a local level across Europe.

  • 01-26-18

    ULI Product Council Outlook for Global Investment

    Members of ULI’s Global Exchange Council discuss factors and trends influencing real estate investment and development decisions.

  • 01-26-18

    ULI Europe’s Affordable Housing Game

    The Affordable Housing Game—a new initiative from ULI Europe and the city gaming company Play the City—brings ULI members and partners together to develop innovative and collaborative approaches to increase a city’s supply of affordable housing.