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  • 04-08-19

    MIT, Harvard Teams Win 2019 ULI Hines Student Competition in Cincinnati

    A redevelopment plan for a Cincinnati site presented by a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University has taken top honors in the 2019 ULI Hines Student Competition, an ideas competition that provides graduate students the opportunity to devise a comprehensive design and development scheme for a large-scale site in an urban area.

  • March

  • 03-25-19

    UL Interview: Theaster Gates on Building Communities by Breaking Rules

    Internationally acclaimed artist and urban planner Theaster Gates, whose rise to prominence began with his use of art and culture to revive underserved neighborhoods in his hometown of Chicago, was named the 2018 recipient of the ULI J.C. Nichols Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development at the Institute’s 2018 Fall Meeting in Boston. Gates spoke with Urban Land about his work, his career, and the guiding principles that motivate him.

  • 03-22-19

    Unlocking More Value from Built Environments by Designing Human Experience

    Whether making or adapting a building, district, campus, city, workspace, portfolio of properties, brand, or lifestyle, the human experience is central. Three examples from the United States and Canada illuminate how our cities are everyday places—small and forgotten places—waiting to be discovered and transformed into human-oriented social places.

  • 03-14-19

    Revisiting the Open-Office Revolution with Top Tech Employers

    The conversion to primarily open-office floor plans over the past decade is now reaching adolescence, and like many revolutions has created problems as well as possibilities, panelists said at a ULI New York event in February.

  • 03-11-19

    Envisioning More Green Space in Atlanta with a Park-Capped Highway

    While Atlanta has grown rapidly in the last decade, the downtown area lacks green space. A ULI Advisory Services panel was asked to study a proposal to build a highway lid that would provide park space downtown.

  • 03-04-19

    Investing in Public Spaces to Make Placemaking a Value-Add

    At ULI Arizona’s Trends Day in January, panelists talked about how revitalized public spaces—starting with parks and libraries but also including alleys, sidewalks, and roads—are helping make neighborhoods walkable and desirable.

  • February

  • 02-19-19

    Building More with Less: Which Innovations Could Reduce Construction Costs?

    Better collaboration and integration for design and construction, combined with more building off site and using new technology and collective metrics to innovate, show promise in reducing the cost of construction, said panelists speaking at the ULI Arizona Trends Day held recently in Phoenix.

  • January

  • 01-28-19

    Steel Modules Speed Construction

    A San Francisco developer imports Chinese steel modules to install 22 units of graduate student housing in only four days.

  • 01-15-19

    ULI Hines Student Competition Teams Challenged to Design Master Plan Development in Cincinnati

    An area in Cincinnati comprising portions of a highway, the central business district, and the central riverfront along the Ohio River has been selected as the study site for the annual ULI Hines Student Competition. Though based on a hypothetical situation, the ideas competition provides both full- and part-time graduate-level students the opportunity to devise a comprehensive design and development program for an actual large-scale urban site.

  • 01-14-19

    Art on theMART along the Chicago River

    A dramatic illuminated art project turns Chicago’s Merchandise Mart into a living canvas.