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Planning & Design

How Street Network Design Affects Your Health

A study of 24 California cities with an array of street design characteristics found that living in cities with high intersection density—a measure of compactness—significantly reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

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Rising Towers Escalate Need for Faster Lifts

When Shanghai Tower opens as China’s tallest building next year, the 2,073-foot (632 m) tower will feature elevators capable of traveling 40.3 miles (64.8 km) per hour. But how fast can modern elevators go without sacrificing comfort?

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Flexible Parking Structures as Civic Catalysts

A design challenge inspires a proposal for flexible parking structures that can house a range of uses—and spur mixed-use, transit-oriented development.

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To provide privacy for the ground-level workspaces in the live/work units, Works Partnership Architecture created a veil of full-height window walls with wide mullions climbing the building like closely spaced tree trunks. The interstices are all glass, flooding the units with dappled daylight. (Joshua Jay Elliott)Planning & Design

Investing in a Live/Work Environment

A couple transforms a defunct factory/warehouse and abandoned gas station into live/work units for lease­­—and a private art studio/home for themselves.

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