A rendering of Two25 Commons in Columbus, Ohio, a $90 million project with 17 stories of mixed-used space including first-floor retail, five floors of Class A office space and apartments and condos on 11 floors. (Daimler Group/ Kaufman Development)

Remaking the Midwest: Affordability and the Rise of 18-Hour Cities

A new report from CBRE says that major metropolitan area in the Midwest from Cleveland to Milwaukee are experiencing a surge in urban revitalization, primarily driven by a mixing of uses and creation of green space.

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L-R - Stephanie Meeks, National Trust for Historic Development, Charles Duff, President Jubilee Baltimore, Nick Orton, Orton Development and Wayne Ratkovich, The Ratkovich Company

Giving Historic Preservation the Best Chance for Success

For historic redevelopment to succeed, developers need to rethink their basic approach to projects, three leading experts said during a panel session at the ULI Fall Meeting in San Francisco.

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The Market at the Pinehills, Massachustts.

Recognizing the Power of Food in Enhancing Development

From rooftop gardens, to edible landscaping, to farm-focused developments, to urban food markets, to breweries in once-derelict industrial spaces, attendees at the ULI Fall Meeting heard experts talk about how food is transforming marginal real estate and underused spaces in new and dramatic ways.

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Tech Cities: From Silicon Valley to Silicon Prairie

The technology sector is not only reshaping economies and work environments. It is also reshaping the physical environments of cities large and small.

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