Elevate Energy and financing partner Community Investment Corporation have upgraded more than 18,000 multifamily housing units with energy efficiency improvements in the Chicago region. Here, an Elevate Energy analyst performs an audit on an eight-unit building on the south side of Chicago. (Elevate Energy)Sustainability

Tracking Energy Use in Multifamily Buildings

Public policy can help efforts to reduce energy use when the building owner is not the utility’s customer.

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Three Growth Models Embrace Healthy Principles

Health and wellness are driving part of the offering at Whole Foods, Westin Hotels, and the Baja California resort industry in a way that is likely to increase over time, panelists said at the ULI Spring Meeting last week in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Moderator Helen Gurfel (left), James Gray-Donald, Nicholas E. Stolatis, and Kate Brown during the Investing in Energy Efficiency: Unlocking Value for Real Estate Owners, concurrent session at the ULI Spring Meeting in Vancouver.Sustainability

Investing in Energy Efficiency: Unlocking Value for Real Estate Owners

There are lots of stories about the significant paybacks companies can get from doing energy retrofits—big and small—on the buildings they own and manage.

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It’s a Disaster: The Business Case for Building More Resilient Cities

In recent years, natural disasters have been striking North America with increasing frequency and intensity. Hurricane Sandy has served as a wake-up call for the building, real estate investment, and insurance industries, as well as for government at all levels and ULI.

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