Toyota's Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell automobile will be available in the fall of 2015. (Toyota)Sustainability

Green Innovations Adding Market Value

Clean, renewable energy technologies are already powering homes, commercial buildings, and cars, but will soon be taking on heavier assignments, including moving trains, trucks, and even jets, experts said at a shared conference day of FutureBuild 2015 and the Green Marketmaker’s Conference, held in Los Angeles in late January through a partnership between ULI Los Angeles and VerdeXchange.

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Jürgen Bruns-Berentelg, who is overseeing the transformation of Hamburg’s former industrial harbor into the mixed-use HafenCity district, told the ULI Europe Annual Conference in Paris that integrated urban development and a variety of uses would incentivize walkers at a “mental rather than physical level.”Development

Redeveloping for Health in Hamburg’s HafenCity

Decentralized spatial urban planning, rather than walkability, is the most effective tool for building healthy cities, says the chief executive officer of Europe’s largest inner-city development project.

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The New Normal of Extreme Weather Conditions

Disruptive forces created by climate change represent the “new normal” for the real estate industry and cities worldwide, posing “huge risks” to those not adequately preparing for it, warned a panel of experts at the ULI Europe Annual Conference in Paris last week.

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One type of microgrid technology is a fuel cell, such as this Bloom Energy Server at the six-acre (2.4 ha) DreamWorks SKG animation headquarters in Glendale, California. Fuel cells power the campus by converting fuel into electricity through an electrochemical process that is cleaner than thermal combustion. (Bloom Energy)Sustainability

A Developing Front in Resilience: Electricity Microgrids

At some forward-thinking projects, developers are taking control of the electric supply into their own hands.

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