Author: juanitahardy

Juanita Hardy has been the ULI senior visiting fellow for creative placemaking since June 2016, bringing a combined 78 years of art and business experience, including 31 years with IBM (retired 2005), 12 years with Right Management, and over 35 years in the arts as a collector of fine art, a trustee on many nonprofit art boards, and former executive director of CulturalDC, a nonprofit arts organization. ULI’s Creative Placemaking project, a two-year effort funded by the Kresge Foundation as part of ULI’s Building Healthy Places Initiative, promotes the use of art and cultural interventions in community revitalization and in building healthy cities and communities. Ms. Hardy founded Tiger Management Consulting Group, LLC, a global training and business consulting services firm, after retiring from IBM in 2005. She has over 41 years of business experience, including 31 years with IBM, and over 35 years in the arts as a nonprofit leader, trustee, collector, and patron of the arts. She is the former Executive Director of CulturalDC, a nonprofit committed to making space for artists and art organizations and fostering cultural and economic vibrancy in communities through its creative placemaking services. While at CulturalDC, she worked closely with area developers to integrate arts and culture into development projects across the Washington, D.C., area. She has also served as an awards program juror for the ULI Washington District Council’s Real Estate Trends Conference for two years. Ms. Hardy has served since 2006 as an executive coach with Right Management, a global human capital development firm, and has served on many nonprofit art boards dating to the 1980s. She co-founded Millennium Arts Salon, an art education initiative, in 2000.

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