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Building Cross-Cultural Ties at Schwarzman College in Beijing

Blackstone Group’s Stephen Schwarzman built a Rhodes Scholarship–type programme at Tsinghua University.

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People-Driven Design: Planning for the Urban Future of Autonomous Vehicles

Just as a century ago, when the arrival of the personal automobile fundamentally changed our society, the advent of AVs as our main mode of transportation will trigger another shift in people’s lives. To ensure that the changes will enhance the urban experience, cities and their private sector partners need to start planning for this new world.

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ULX: Open Spaces amid Density

The following ten projects in the Asia Pacific region—all completed during the past five years—include restored headlands, contaminated canals and marshes cleaned up to serve as wildlife habitats, and a row of parking spaces revamped as a piazza.

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Arriving at the Best Use for Hong Kong’s Waterfront

A prime spot for development is up for bids. Will existing rules yield the mix and vitality befitting such a prominent spot?

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Recent Articles

  • Meeting the Demand for Walkable Development in Dallas/Fort Worth

    May 10, 2018

    While it is estimated that 98 percent of the Dallas/Fort Worth region’s land mass is suburban-style development requiring the day-to-day use of a car, panelists speaking at a recent ULI North Texas event say most of what has been built in the current cycle has favored walkable urban places, whether in the downtown areas or in suburban corridors.

  • The Key to Building Housing Faster, Safer—and More Profitably

    May 3, 2018

    Fully Integrated Off-Site Solution (FIOSS) systems could solve the labor shortage in U.S. housing construction markets, says Gerard McCaughey, chief executive officer of Entekra Inc.

  • How Four U.S. Cities Are Using Public Space to Revitalize Neighborhoods, Add Resilience

    Development professionals from Detroit, Houston, Atlanta, and San Antonio discussed how they reclaimed desolate space with art, parks, and public/private partnerships to revitalize riverfronts and neighborhoods.

  • Kasita’s Modular Home on Display in Detroit

    May 1, 2018

    Micro-housing builder Kasita says it has solved the problems of modular construction. The Austin-based company is at the ULI Spring Meeting in Detroit meeting with developers and showing off a prototype of its 352-square-foot home.

  • In Brief: Art and Public Spaces on Toledo’s Waterfront

    April 30, 2018

    ProMedica Plaza and Promenade Park opened in August 2017, occupying 11 acres (4.5 ha) along the Maumee River in Toledo, Ohio. To create a more efficient workplace and demonstrate a commitment to Toledo’s core, Randy Oostra, ProMedica’s chief executive officer, chose to relocate administrative staff from 20 locations to a new, unified headquarters in the city.

  • Exploring Three Models for More Affordable Homes in U.S. Cities

    Changes to design, construction, and zoning policies could increase the supply of affordable housing, said panelists at an event hosted by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, looking at solutions in three U.S. markets.

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