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Detroit’s Parks Turn Winter Months into Placemaking Opportunity

Thoughtful placemaking is fundamental to the success of any economically and socially viable city. Detroit’s downtown parks are both public assets and important attractions throughout each of Michigan’s four seasons.

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Alleviating San Francisco’s Housing Shortfall: ULI’s Housing the Bay Initiative

Like many areas of the United States, California is facing a housing affordability crisis in its most populous area, and the San Francisco Bay area is ground zero, with sky-high rents and housing prices. To help address the issue, ULI San Francisco created the Housing the Bay initiative in early 2017. Through research, events, and workshops, the initiative aims to explore the underlying causes of the Bay Area’s high housing costs and inadequate housing supply and propose solutions. As a culmination of all this work, the Housing the Bay Summit will be held on March 23, 2018.

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Winter 2018 Issue of Urban Land Is Available for Download

The latest issue is available for all to download through the Urban Land app. The cover package for this issue is titled, “Deploying Capital: The Hunt for Opportunity Shifts to New Markets.” Other topics include “Advisory Services Panels: Charity Hospital in New Orleans,” “Last-Mile Logistics: Fulfillment Centers Go to Town,” and “Awards: 13 New Global Awards for Excellence.”

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Final Four Teams Announced for ULI Hines Student Competition

A graduate student team from Cornell University, two teams from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a team from the University of Maryland have been selected as the four finalists for the 16th annual ULI Hines Student Competition, an ideas competition that provides students the opportunity to devise a comprehensive design and development scheme for a large-scale site in an urban area.

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Recent Articles

  • Rebuilding Charity: Officials Hope ULI Study Jump-Starts Redevelopment of Shuttered New Orleans Hospital

    February 14, 2018

    Rising above Tulane Avenue on the edge of downtown New Orleans, the historic Charity Hospital building has stood dormant for a dozen years since it was flooded.

  • “There Is Never Not a Story”: Peggy Noonan Reflects on the Trump Administration, One Year In

    February 2, 2018

    Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan shared her take on Trump’s first year in office during a speech to the ULI global governing trustees, who were in Washington, D.C., for the Midwinter Trustees Meeting at the Institute’s global headquarters. As Noonan put it on the same day Congress voted to end a three-day government shutdown, triggered by an impasse over the federal budget: “However you feel about him, you have to say, ‘Whoa, this has been an interesting year.’”

  • Five Priorities Identified to Catalyze Development on Boston’s Proposed North-South Rail Link

    January 29, 2018

    A ULI panel of real estate and land use professionals convened in Boston last fall has identified key priorities to guide future real estate development that could be catalyzed by a proposed underground rail line linking two major transit hubs—North Station and South Station—and unifying two currently separate commuter rail systems.

  • CEO Perspective: Enhancing the Member Experience

    January 26, 2018

    Lisette van Doorn, Chief Executive Officer of ULI Europe, shares some of the ongoing effort to enhance the benefits for our members and make ULI more relevant on a local level across Europe.

  • ULI Europe’s Affordable Housing Game

    The Affordable Housing Game—a new initiative from ULI Europe and the city gaming company Play the City—brings ULI members and partners together to develop innovative and collaborative approaches to increase a city’s supply of affordable housing.

  • UL Interview: Tom Toomey and Michael Spies

    January 23, 2018

    The Institute’s global chairman and a trustee who helped ULI’s development in Europe discuss how the organization has affected their careers—and how to enhance the tools available to members.

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