Only one third of the waste in the United States is recycled or composted.  In order to reach zero waste, we need to view the things we discard as resources, rather than garbage.

Racing to Zero, a documentary directed by Christopher Beaver and distributed by Bullfrog Films, highlights some of the amazing solutions in San Francisco, which is successfully taking the necessary steps to reach zero waste by 2020.

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Follow along as the city’s food scraps are collected and transported to Sonoma County farms, where they are composted into the soil to produce wine and other crops. Find out how glass bottle recycling stays local and forms another closed-loop cycle by addressing garbage at its source. Enthusiastic zero-waste experts show how far we’ve come in wisely managing our resources, from medications and electronics to clothing and building materials. Even turning rubbish into art, these innovators zero in on new possibilities for greater sustainability.

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