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ULI Forecast Sees Increased Improvement in Outlook for U.S. Economy

U.S. real estate economists predict generally improved economic and property market news for the rest of 2020, as well as for the following two years, compared with their forecasts of six months ago, according to the fall ULI Real Estate Economic Forecast.

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Office Real Estate Likely to Begin Rebound in 18–24 Months, Say U.S., European Experts

Despite the office sector’s current bleak outlook, the longer-term outlook is much rosier, speakers said at the ULI Virtual Fall Meeting.

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Zendesk, Gensler, and LinkedIn Experts Envision Office Space and Equity after the Pandemic

Agile workplaces, equipped with the right technology to accommodate remote and in-person employees, and with equitable access to work-supporting resources, are likely to emerge in the pandemic’s aftermath, said experts from Zendesk, Gensler, and LinkedIn.

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Focus on People to Ameliorate Longstanding Health and Social Effects of Redlining and Other Racist Policies, Panelists Advise

Government policies of racial segregation and redlining have had generations-long effects on the health and well-being of urban inhabitants, attendees heard at the ULI Virtual Fall Meeting panel titled “Deconstructing Segregation: Understanding Local History as a Basis for Equitable Development.” Action will be required if we wish to change those outcomes now.

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