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Construction Innovation: Growth in Four Technologies Helping Speed Up Multifamily Projects

At a recent ULI webinar, panelists discussed the advantages of alternative construction technologies, including modular development, panelization, mass timber, and precast concrete. While not necessarily new to the construction industry, each of these technologies is becoming increasingly well known. The webinar was part of a series hosted by the ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing.

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For Commercial Real Estate, Shift in Focus on Air Quality, Health Measures Will Endure

A survey of ULI members suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in commercial building management and operational changes that make occupants’ health and wellness a top priority, according to participants in a recent webinar hosted by the Institute’s Building Healthy Places Initiative.

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New ULI Report Cites Data Analytics as Key Growth Area for Proptech

Data analytics shines as the rising star of property technology (proptech) in the real estate industry, according to a report released by ULI and international law firm Goodwin Procter.

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As Online Shopping Increases, U.S. Infill Warehouse Sites Match Proximity to Labor and Customer Bases

ULI MEMBER–ONLY CONTENT: The dramatic increase in online shopping in the United States has only further increased the appetite for properties close to population centers.

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Recent Articles

  • Bringing More Class A Office Space Back to Kansas City’s Downtown

    July 15, 2021

    ULI Member–Only Content: When first opened, City Center Square—also home to an indoor shopping mall and food court—was one of downtown Kansas City’s standout office towers. But after a half century, the building began to show its age, changing hands at 40 percent occupancy and the food court was down to just two vendors.

  • In Brief: RCLCO Reports on Top-Selling Master-Planned Communities of 2021

    July 13, 2021

    According to an annual survey by RCLCO, the top-selling U.S. master-planned community so far in 2021 is Lakewood Ranch in Sarasota, Florida, with 1,535 sales through June, 83 percent ahead of last year’s pace. Home sales in the nation’s top 50 communities exceeded expectations in the first half of 2021, with a pace that indicates the potential for a 12 percent increase at year’s end compared with 2020.

  • Using Historic Tax Credits to Renovate and Preserve a Facility for Low-Income Families

    July 1, 2021

    The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) facility in Worcester, Massachusetts, may not fit the traditional notion of a historic U.S. building, but in a classic case of “function over form,” its renovation will provide a vital cornerstone in the redevelopment of the downtown.

  • Making Cities Livable for the Increasing Population of Centenarians

    June 14, 2021

    The aging demographic profile of developed nations means the built environment may need to accommodate the needs of a growing cohort of people living beyond the expected life spans of the 20th century, according to panelists at the 2021 ULI Asia Pacific Summit.

  • “De-Infrastructuring” in the Era of the 15-Minute City

    June 9, 2021

    A ULI member from Pittsburgh calls for the real estate industry to help broaden the discussion of infrastructure to include a range of enabling urban systems such as energy, water, food production, and material infrastructure—and this time design them for and with the people these systems serve.

  • Global Cities Will Become More Resilient, Healthier, Harvard Economist Says

    May 26, 2021

    History shows that well-managed cities are resilient to the ravages of pandemics and will evolve to become even more resilient, economist Ed Glaeser told attendees at the 2021 ULI Asia Pacific Summit.

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