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Municipalities and Developers Turning to Online Platforms to Get Civic Input

The city of Detroit used an online platform to get more community feedback on the city’s first-ever Sustainability Action Agenda. In addition to traditional community outreach, community members were solicited with a multilingual campaign using text messages, a web platform, and traditional yard signs, helping the city gather input from thousands of respondents, more than would be possible at a traditional community meeting.

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How Mobility Ties into the Future of Urban Retail, Office, and Residential

At the 2019 ULI Florida Summit, futurist Greg Lindsay, a futurist and senior fellow with the NewCities nonprofit organization, detailed change agents of future development including the electric scooter mania, shops without checkouts, and “urban cabins.” Lindsay described broadly how the disruption of retail, office, residential, and transportation will continue around the globe—and, in some cases, increase.

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Product Council Outlook on Travel Trends

How are tourism trends shaking up the real estate industry?

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Built for the Future: Copenhagen’s Path to Carbon Neutrality

Copenhagen’s investment in its revitalized waterfront area is paying off, said land-use experts speaking at the ULI Real Estate Forum, while the affordability of housing is an ongoing concern. Attendees saw firsthand what it means to be a people-centric city aspiring to become the first carbon-neutral world capital by 2025.

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Recent Articles

  • Preserving Nashville’s “Little Kurdistan”

    June 24, 2019

    Community input and partnerships can help preserve multicultural diversity in a fast-growing city.

  • Bringing More Mixed Use and Multifamily to Central Florida

    Three game-changing projects in central Florida were highlighted during the 2019 ULI Florida Summit, with each taking a long view of remaking historic spots while gauging next-generation needs, including education needs in the region and the shifting needs of retail and industrial uses.

  • Alibaba’s AI Could Help Reduce Car Traffic Dramatically in China’s Cities

    June 17, 2019

    An ambitious project in Hangzhou—the city where Alibaba is headquartered—is using big data, sensors, and artificial intelligence to reduce congestion. The system is now being implemented in six other cities in Asia.

  • Partnership for Building Reuse Helps Support Code Change in Chicago

    June 7, 2019

    The city of Chicago is celebrating the adoption of an extensive overhaul of its building code that has been decades in the making. The new code means some big changes ahead for the city. For ULI Chicago’s Building Reuse Initiative, it also represents a significant step forward in its work to clear a path for more building reuse throughout the city.

  • UL Interview: ULI Asia Pacific Chairman Nicholas Brooke

    June 3, 2019

    Reflections on a storied, globe-spanning career—and thoughts on today’s Hong Kong.

  • Three Leaders Reflect on Rapidly Changing Washington, D.C., Region

    May 13, 2019

    Flush from Amazon’s selection of Arlington County, Virginia, for a new headquarters facility, three “titans” of the real estate scene in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan region took a moment to celebrate at the ULI Washington Trends Conference. To put all of this into perspective were John “Chip” Akridge III, founder and chairman of Akridge; Thomas “Tom” Bozzuto, chairman and cofounder of the Bozzuto Group; and Bryant Foulger, chairman of Foulger-Pratt.

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