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Investors Retreat to Tier 1 Cities as Mainland China Experiences a Slowdown

As China’s real estate market experiences a slowdown, investors are retreating to Tier 1 cities, according to the Urban Land Institute’s Mainland China Cities Survey 2014. Investors remained confident of the prospects for the Tier 1 cities of Shanghai, Shenzen, Beijing, and Guangzhou.

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NYU Program to Look for Solutions for Rising Inequality

Though New York City recently surpassed its own high-water mark with more than 4 million private sector jobs, the unemployment rate is well above the national average at 7.9 percent.

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Behind the Scenes at Bloomberg’s Ideas Camp for Cities

The Bloomberg Philanthropies’ “Mayors’ Challenge” has been transferred to Europe this year with a grand prize of €5 million ($6.7 million) for the winning city.

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Disruptive Forces in Real Estate

Domestically produced energy, 3-D printing, and devices that communicate with each other all have potential to change the environment for real estate.

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