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Riding a Tech Boom in Seattle’s South Lake Union

Alphabet, Amazon, and Facebook are just a few of the tech giants snapping up space.

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ULI Case Study: AF Bornot Dye Works—Philadelphia

AF Bornot Dye Works is a loft apartment and retail project in central Philadelphia that involved the adaptive use and restoration of three timber and concrete factory buildings. The capital stack assembled for this project was unusually complex, partly because of its unusual mix of uses, its location outside the Center City core, and the challenges posed by historic rehabilitation.

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New Ways to Bring Healthier Food to Underserved Places

Philadelphia is proud of its food culture and has a great restaurant scene in Center City. But outside the center, the city of 1.6 million has a 26 percent poverty rate and a need for affordable healthy food.

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The Power of Crowdfunding in Real Estate

Since Congress legalized crowdfunding for real estate projects in 2012, the internet-based financing source has grown dramatically, from $396.4 million in 2013 to $2.5 billion in 2015, according to the Los Angeles–based research and advisory firm Massolutions.

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