ULI provides a wide range of online programming for professionals in the real estate development industry. Through a series of webinars, you can access lessons learned and best practices from ULI members and other industry leaders around the globe.

Whether your topic of interest is the impact of economic disruption or the basic to advanced elements of investment and development, ULI has the resources you need.

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ULI members can search for past webinars and view them on demand on Knowledge Finder.

Wednesday 11 March | ULI Asia Pacific: Best Practices in Building Maintenance

Monday 16 March | ULI Asia Pacific Webinar: Global Tenants and the Future Office—Healthy, Smart, Sustainable

Tuesday 24 March | Slowing the Spread of COVID-19: Social Distancing and Buildings

Thursday 26 March | Leading Through Disruption: ULI Leadership Series

Friday 27 March | ULI Philippines: Property & Pandemics

Tuesday 31 March | Confronting COVID-19: Healthy Buildings—Optimizing Mental Health

Wednesday 1 April | ULI Asia Pacific: Leading Through a Crisis

Tuesday 7 April | ULI Americas Webinar: Confronting COVID-19: Considerations for Multifamily and Affordable Housing

Wednesday 8 April | ULI Asia Pacific Webinar: Transit-Oriented-Developments

Wednesday 8 April | ULI Europe Webinar: Confronting the Pandemic – Perspectives from Global Real Estate Leaders

Thursday 9 April | ULI Americas: Federal CARES Act: Implications for the Real Estate Industry

Tuesday 14 April | Economics of COVID-19 — How ‘Main Street’ CRE/MF owners are navigating the crisis with their tenants

Wednesday 15 April | ULI Asia Pacific Webinar: Crisis and Opportunity – the Present and the Future of Retail

Wednesday 15 April | ULI Europe Webinar: Reshaping Retail

Friday 17 April | Leading Through Disruption: Navigating the Capital Markets in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Monday 20 April | ULI Europe Webinar: Confronting the Pandemic – Experiences and Lessons Learnt from Asia

Tuesday 21 April | Confronting COVID-19: Everything You Need To Know about Healthy Buildings Q&A Session

Wednesday 22 April | ULI Asia Pacific Webinar: Drones and Logistics

Wednesday 22 April | ULI Europe: Legal Issues Arising from COVID-19 Crisis for Real Estate

Tuesday 28 April | Resiliency in a New Normal

Wednesday 29 April | ULI Asia Pacific Webinar: Three Months Into the COVID-19 Outbreak

Wednesday 29 April | ULI Europe Webinar: Promoting Housing Affordability

Thursday 30 April | Webcast: ULI Singapore Annual Conference

Thursday 30 April | Measuring Health and ESG

Tuesday 5 May | Confronting COVID-19: Parks, Public Spaces, and the Pandemic

Wednesday 6 May | ULI Europe Webinar: Operational Building Management Best Practices to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Wednesday 6 May | ULI Asia Pacific: Transforming Hotels to Hospitals

Friday 8 May | Leading Through Disruption: Envisioning the Cities of Tomorrow

Monday 11 May | Interview with Dan Doctoroff of Sidewalk Labs

Tuesday 12 May | Confronting COVID-19: Insights from Asia

Wednesday 13 May | ULI Europe Webinar: Beyond the Pandemic: How Will our Cities and Communities Change? (Guest Speaker: Sir Stuart Lipton)

Wednesday 13 May | The Purpose of Place and Retail’s Great Transformation

Wednesday 13 May | ULI Asia Pacific: Cities Rebounding Post-COVID

Thursday 14 May | Confronting the Pandemic and Beyond – Perspectives from Global Investors

Friday 15 May | Building Better: New Opportunities in Sustainable Construction | Coming Soon

Tuesday 19 May | The Attractiveness of Global Business Districts (REPORT LAUNCH) | Coming Soon

Tuesday 19 May | Intermediate Pro Forma: A Value Add Pro Forma | Coming Soon

Wednesday 20 May | ULI Europe Webinar: Confronting the Pandemic and Beyond – Making Existing and Newly Designed Buildings Resilient | Coming Soon

Wednesday 20 May | ULI Americas Webinar: Spring 2020 Real Estate Economic Forecast Webinar – SOLD OUT | Coming Soon