The devastation and loss of life caused by the latest natural disasters in the Americas has left residents of the affected areas feeling vulnerable and uncertain about the future of their cities. While recovery from Harvey is ongoing, sadly our thoughts turn to the victims of hurricanes Irma and Maria in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico, and the earthquake in Mexico City, along with those who are responding with rescue and relief aid.

We urge you to give generously to the aid organization of your choice to help with the recovery.

The rebuilding process for all these areas will take years, making ULI’s expertise in land use and urban development more necessary than ever. We are monitoring each situation and will work closely with our members in the affected areas to 1) determine where and how ULI can have the most beneficial impact, and 2) develop an integrated response that can be replicated.

Among ULI’s great strengths are the long-term focus it brings to community building and the ability to leverage member expertise to help communities embrace this long-term perspective and build for the future. ULI has historically provided this help through advisory services, delivering the expertise and experience of our members to communities hit by natural and man-made disasters. Several of these advisory efforts have been supported by the ULI Foundation, which has funded panels assisting communities following a crisis.

It is likely that, at the appropriate time, ULI will be conducting advisory efforts related to the latest disasters. In these hard-hit communities, where so much will need to be rebuilt, you can help ULI demonstrate the value of reimagining and building for the future. Please consider also giving to the ULI Foundation, and through your donations ULI will help these communities move past tragedy, grow, and thrive.