Author: robpegoraro

A D.C.-based journalist, Rob Pegoraro was the Washington Post personal-tech columnist from 1999 to 2011. He's contributed to USA Today, Discovery News, and Yahoo Tech.

Articles by robpegoraro

  • Woven City: Toyota’s Planned Proving Ground in Japan
    Published on July 20, 2020 in Market Trends
    Employees, business partners, and others may set up housekeeping and create a real-life test environment for new technologies in autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and robotics.
  • Keeping an Eye on Privacy as Cities Get Smarter
    Published on July 13, 2020 in Market Trends
    A sleek utility pole called the Ekin Spotter—made by Ekin, an international software, hardware, and design firm that focuses on smart cities—can accommodate such modules as a license-plate reader, traffic radar, red-light cameras, and air quality sensors, along with electric-vehicle charging ports. This was the type of municipal-level technology on display at the 2020 CES show earlier this year, along with other smart-city components such as partially or fully autonomous vehicles, delivery drones, and street-based sensors.
  • Expect 5G to Slow Its Roll as It Enters Buildings
    Published on November 18, 2019 in Market Trends
    Commercial structures could be a formidable barrier to 5G wireless.
  • Making Space for More Tech Firms in New York City
    Published on August 25, 2014 in Market Trends
    As New York City’s burgeoning tech economy continues to grow, startups face the same challenges for office space they would anywhere else—but have the added challenge of Manhattan-level price tags, vying for space with law firms, banks, and other well-financed tenants.