Author: Rob Anderson

Articles by Rob Anderson

  • Prairiefire: A Mixed-Use Center Meets T. Rex
    Published on September 08, 2015 in Planning & Design
    In a unique collaboration, the American Museum of Natural History brings its traveling exhibits to a new development in Overland Park, Kansas.
  • Drivers for Town Centers
    Published on May 01, 2010 in Development
    The retail real estate market currently suffers from an oversupply of space—the result of overbuilding before the financial crisis struck in 2008—plus a dearth of retailers now willing and able to fill space. Consumer spending is down for the foreseeable future as the buying public remains wary of returning to the days of large credit-card debt. While welllocated retail destinations may continue to thrive and maintain national retailers, plenty of others are going to keep losing tenants. In this environment, town centers and mixed-use centers may have an edge over their mall counterparts.