Author: Mary Shanklin

Mary Shanklin is a reporter specializing in commercial and residential real estate.

Articles by Mary Shanklin

  • How Mobility Ties into the Future of Urban Retail, Office, and Residential
    Published on July 15, 2019 in Market Trends
    At the 2019 ULI Florida Summit, futurist Greg Lindsay, a futurist and senior fellow with the NewCities nonprofit organization, detailed change agents of future development including the electric scooter mania, shops without checkouts, and “urban cabins.” Lindsay described broadly how the disruption of retail, office, residential, and transportation will continue around the globe—and, in some cases, increase.
  • Three Strategies to Keep Placemaking Efforts Organic and Dynamic
    Published on July 02, 2019 in Planning & Design
    As pop-up outdoor dining and alleyway murals become more commonplace, three speakers at 2019 ULI Florida Summit advocated for a more crafted approach to placemaking by infusing projects with local art and entertainment. Led by Carol Coletta, senior fellow with the Kresge Foundation, the session on creative placemaking examined what has—and has not—worked.
  • Bringing More Mixed Use and Multifamily to Central Florida
    Published on June 24, 2019 in Market Trends
    Three game-changing projects in central Florida were highlighted during the 2019 ULI Florida Summit, with each taking a long view of remaking historic spots while gauging next-generation needs, including education needs in the region and the shifting needs of retail and industrial uses.