Author: Henry Cisneros

Henry Cisneros is exectuive chairman of CityView, a Los Angeles-based institutional investment firm focused on urban real estate, workforce housing, and metropolitan infrastructure.

Articles by Henry Cisneros

  • Equity: A Natural Next Step in the Evolution of Cities
    Published on January 08, 2018 in Economy, Market & Trends
    An excerpt from Building Equitable Cities: How to Drive Economic Mobility and Regional Growth by Henry Cisneros, former mayor of San Antonio and former secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Cisneros cowrote the new ULI book with Janis Bowdler and Jeffrey Lubell.
  • 13 Urban Trends to Watch
    Published on March 26, 2015 in Economy, Market & Trends
    In an excerpt from his new book, Urban Real Estate Investment: A New Era of Opportunity, Henry Cisneros makes the case for the forces of change that will create a new urban reality.
  • The U.S. Housing Finance System Is Still Broken
    Published on August 09, 2013 in Capital Markets
    In an Urban Land editorial, former secretaries of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Henry Cisneros and Mel Martinez say that America's housing finance system is fundamentally broken and in desperate need of repair.
  • America’s Infrastructure: A Critical Juncture
    Published on October 11, 2011 in Infrastructure
    One of the top U.S. priorities is the need to address infrastructure challenges. Decades of underfunding and limited investment have rendered diverse systems of transportation, energy, water, logistics, and communication inadequate for sustaining economic growth and serving an expanding population. Read about new financing strategies required to attract infrastructure investment now and in the future.
  • New Capital for Urban Growth
    Published on July 01, 2010 in Capital Markets
    Two megatrends are currently shaping what will become the new normal after the prolonged period of recovery for the U.S. economy. The first is the rapid emergence of America’s metropolitan areas as the true centers of population and economic growth. For the first time in history, more people are living in urban areas throughout the world than in rural communities. The second is a worldwide shift in the sources and flows of global capital, creating a new world of funding sources available to be configured in new ways toward new goals. The fluidity of global streams is becoming more pronounced and vast sums of capital are seeking stable, long-term returns.