Author: Jonathan Miller

Jonathan D. Miller is a partner and co-owner of Miller Ryan LLC, a strategic marketing communications consulting firm to the financial services and real estate industries. He is the author of ULI’s "Infrastructure 2010: Investment Imperative" report.

Articles by Jonathan Miller

  • Report Makes Case for Making Infrastructure a Priority
    Published on August 10, 2011 in Infrastructure
    Hoping to gain footholds in the global marketplace, most of the world’s leading countries have reaffirmed infrastructure repair and development as high priorities this year. But the United States notably continues to lag in the global infrastructure competition. Read the approaches recommended in Infrastructure 2011: A Strategic Priority for overcoming substantial political and fiscal obstacles.
  • Confronting America’s Water Challenge
    Published on June 01, 2010 in Planning & Design
    Out of necessity, states and metropolitan areas are getting more involved in integrating watershed policies with local land use decisions, and are considering restricting new projects in areas without ample future water resources. No other infrastructure category presents the United States with greater challenges to future growth and regional prosperity than water—and no major U.S. metropolitan region can claim immunity from water-related problems and costs. In the years to come, budgetbusting system breakdowns may slam older cities located in the Northeast and the Midwest, while burgeoning urban centers in the West deal with how to protect threatened supplies and meet demands from growing populations. In the Southeast, rapid development and poor management compromise resources as states, counties, agribusiness interests, and power companies wrestle over available supplies. In most places, wastewater treatment plants either are too old or have reached their capacity, and contamination from stormwater runoff and nonpoint-source pollution is a major issue just about everywhere.