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Spring Meeting Recaps

Industry Leaders Share Predictions in Live-Voting Session on Capital Markets

Where are capital markets—and specific real estate sectors—headed? In a novel ULI panel at the ULI Spring Meeting in Detroit, 11 of the Institute’s top leaders revealed their expectations through instant polls on ten market questions. Read More

ULI Global Chairman Tom Toomey Announces New Global CEO, Global Strategic Plan

ULI Global Chairman Tom Toomey closed the record-breaking 2018 Spring Meeting by outlining advancements in ULI’s new strategic direction. In a general session presentation, he announced the appointment of longtime real estate executive Edward (Ed) Walter as the new global chief executive officer for the Institute, and the approval of a member-created Global Strategic Plan to guide ULI’s growth and leadership going forward. Read More

Developers Ilitch and Gilbert Describe Their Roles in Detroit’s Revival

Two developers who have been major forces behind the city’s resurgence said that the struggle to overcome hard times has positioned Detroit for robust growth. Read More

ULI Americas Chairman Trish Healy Discusses ULI’s New Strategic Direction

ULI’s ongoing evolution as a member-driven, member-focused organization was discussed by Americas Chairman Trish Healy during a general session presentation at the Spring Meeting. “This direction is based on your premise that members are our unique product, and our members’ knowledge and expertise are ULI’s content,” Healy said. Read More

Recent Articles

  • Creating Positive Community Collisions in Downtown Las Vegas

    2018-05-07 13:03:50 Though best known as the chief executive officer of fast-growing online shoe and clothing business Zappos, Tony Hsieh is also leading one of the largest urban regeneration projects in the United States in downtown Las Vegas.
  • How Detroit Battled Its Way Out of Bankruptcy

    2018-05-07 12:31:42 Detroit’s bankruptcy marked a turn in the fate of the city. Along with the economic downfall came rare opportunities for investment, creation, and collaboration.
  • “Maker Spaces” for Local Crafts Producers Add Vitality to Cities

    2018-05-07 12:29:17 Artists and other creative types need small, affordable places—and patient capital, Detroit experts say.
  • What 5G Wireless Technology Will Mean for Real Estate

    2018-05-07 12:18:23 The next-generation wireless telecommunications technology known as 5G, which will operate at vastly higher speeds and be able to handle many times more devices than existing 4G networks, is likely to have significant impacts on the real estate industry, a speaker said at the 2018 ULI Spring Meeting in Detroit.
  • Despite Ongoing Safety Concerns, Autonomous Vehicles Expected in Operation by 2021

    2018-05-07 12:12:23 Though driverless vehicles are expected to be commercially available in the next few years, the shift to their use is likely to occur gradually and in phases over several decades, panelists said at ULI’s Spring Meeting in Detroit. That long process will allow vehicles to be tested and improved. It also will enable the development of urban infrastructure—such as smart roads and traffic management systems that communicate continuously with many vehicles at once—that would make them work better, said panelists.
  • Rent-to-Own Tiny Homes as a Potential Path out of Poverty

    2018-05-07 11:54:43 Could ownership of 250- to 400-square-foot (23 to 37 sq m) homes help low-income people acquire an asset and begin to accrue wealth? Panelists at the 2018 ULI Spring Meeting said it is certainly an idea worth trying.
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