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Australian Cities Adapting to Faster-Growing Population

As populations in many Asia Pacific countries continue to rise, governments across the region are grappling with how to build out infrastructure fast enough to keep pace. Much of this growth is occurring in cities, making livability increasingly problematic as urban infrastructure struggles to keep up, said panelists at a ULI Australia event. Read More

Arriving at the Best Use for Hong Kong’s Waterfront

A prime spot for development is up for bids. Will existing rules yield the mix and vitality befitting such a prominent spot? Read More

ULX: Open Spaces amid Density

The following ten projects in the Asia Pacific region—all completed during the past five years—include restored headlands, contaminated canals and marshes cleaned up to serve as wildlife habitats, and a row of parking spaces revamped as a piazza. Read More

Beijing: How Should China Handle Redevelopment of a Historical Hutongs?

A ULI Advisory Services panel was asked to focus on Beijing's Qianmen East, a 56-hectare (138 ac) hutong neighborhood, consisting of interlinked communities of low-rise courtyard homes aligned in sequence along narrow alleys. Read More

Recent Articles

  • Nicholas Brooke, New Chairman of ULI Asia Pacific, Named a Life Trustee

    2018-07-06 10:27:57 Nicholas Brooke, an acclaimed authority on land administration and planning matters, and one of Hong Kong’s most widely recognized champions of innovation and technology, has received dual recognition from ULI in being selected as the new chairman of the Asia Pacific region and the first ULI Life Trustee from Asia Pacific.
  • Development of Hong Kong’s Greater Bay Area Would Relieve Price Pressure

    2018-06-27 10:00:19 Hong Kong’s former chief executive, C.Y. Leung, now a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, an important political advisory body, said the development of the broader region could be a significant driver of growth and relieve stress on the core market for new construction.
  • ULI Asia Case Study: Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul

    2018-06-26 11:45:27 Seoul’s Bukchon Hanok Village is a 600-year-old traditional settlement located in the southern part of the city that was once home to the aristocratic families of Korea’s Joseon dynasty. Although many of the area’s historic hanok homes have disappeared over the centuries, rebuilding work during the 1930s ensured some 1,200 traditional homes still exist in the area.
  • Investors in Asia Looking to Minimize Risk

    2018-06-18 15:01:10 We are late in the current cycle, and real estate investors are focusing on the potential risks as much as, if not more than, the rewards on offer, according to investors and investment managers discussing global capital markets at the 2018 ULI Asia Pacific Summit in Hong Kong.
  • Keeping Life Affordable in Asia’s Fast-Growing Cities

    2018-06-12 17:14:43 Growing cities such as Hong Kong are at the epicenter of what Richard Florida has dubbed “the new urban crisis,” with the city’s success sending house prices soaring out of reach of the average resident. The author and urbanist, who is director of cities at the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto, spoke at the 2018 ULI Asia Pacific Summit in Hong Kong.
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