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Playing Small Ball: Weaving Smaller, Multiuse Sports-Anchored Developments into Existing City Infrastructure

Architects and urban planners are working with community leaders to find creative and successful ways to design and build a new generation of multiuse arenas.

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Planning for Equitable Transit-Oriented Development in Sacramento

A ULI Advisory Services panel toured South Sacramento, California, in September, meeting with more than 75 city and county officials, local business leaders, residents, and other stakeholders. The four sponsors—Sacramento Regional Transit, Sacramento Council of Governments, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, and Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District—asked the ULI advisory panel to outline a plan for kick-starting a retrofit of the two transit-adjacent neighborhoods into transit-oriented neighborhoods. Their goals were to promote equitable, healthy, and inclusive community development that fosters job and income growth, housing options, and healthy neighborhood amenities with more convenient access to transit, retail, and services.

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ULX: Technological Ingenuity

Ten projects enhance buildings with technologies that add versatility and conserve resources.

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Latin America Continues to Be Growth Opportunity for Mid-Market Retailers

While 93.1 percent of all retail sales in Latin America are still made in-store, savvy retailers are increasingly exploring opportunities to merge the in-store experience with the convenience of shopping online. Panelists speaking at the ULI Latin America Annual Conference in September also said that retail is ripe for investment, as the growing middle class is gaining access to credit and earning higher wages in many cities.

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Recent Articles

  • Building with Big Data and High Tech

    October 29, 2018

    Weaving data, virtual and augmented reality, and analytical tools into all stages of the design and development process pays off with better buildings—and better returns.

  • Five Projects Helping Make the Case for More Urban Open Space

    October 24, 2018

    The Case for Open Space, a new report from the ULI Center for Sustainability and Economic Performance, makes the business case for real estate investments in parks and open spaces. Case studies highlighted in the report were drawn from 30 open-space projects across the United States supported by the private sector, with five compelling projects that incorporate open space.

  • Amenities, Diversity Are Key Ingredients of Innovation Communities

    October 16, 2018

    There is no “secret sauce” vital to creating an innovation community, but certain ingredients are necessary, ULI members were told during the 2018 ULI Fall Meeting in Boston.

  • Parks in Houston and Madrid Selected as Winners of ULI Urban Open Space Award

    October 9, 2018

    Two urban parks—Levy Park in Houston and Madrid Río Park in Madrid, Spain—have been selected as winners of the ULI Urban Open Space Award. The award recognizes outstanding examples of successful large- and small-scale public spaces that have socially enriched and revitalized the economy of their surrounding communities. Ricardo Lara Park in Los Angeles was also honored with a Special Community Impact recognition.

  • Combining Arts and Technology to Empower Placemaking and Growth

    October 5, 2018

    At the recent ULI Europe Real Estate Forum, attendees heard from three speakers who are using innovative techniques to transform the management of their assets. The techniques described vary significantly, but all help create lively, dynamic spaces that help create a sense of community.

  • The Business Case for Creative Placemaking

    Weaving creative and artistic elements into a project from its earliest stages can yield long-term benefits.

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