This documentary made it’s debut at the American Conservation Film Festival in October in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, but will also be shown as as part of this year’s Environmental Film Festival in Washington, D.C., among other upcoming screenings.

With unemployment exceeding 25 percent in D.C.’s Ward 8 in the late 2000s, a local nonprofit received a $2.7 million stimulus grant to put long-term unemployed residents back to work through a new green job training program. A grassroots environmental activist is tasked with using the grant to hire 150 unemployed residents to plant several thousand trees in the city’s most blighted urban parks. A story about the intersection of public stimulus and one community’s fight for equal access to good jobs and safe parks.

This film is by Meridian Hill Pictures. Request a screening.

City of Trees Trailer from Meridian Hill Pictures on Vimeo.