PBS will broadcast a new documentary, 10 Parks That Changed America, on April 12th. Produced by WTTW in Chicago, the program identifies the 10 most influential urban parks in the country, from the era of America’s early settlers to the present day.

The parks, many of which are no double familiar to ULI members, include:

1) The Squares of Savannah, Georgia
2) Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
3) Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts
4) Central Park, New York City, New York
5) Chicago’s Neighborhood Parks, Chicago, Illinois
6) The Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas
7) Overton Park, Memphis, Tennessee
8) Freeway Park, Seattle, Washington
9) Gas Works Park, Seattle, Washington
10) The High Line, New York City, New York

This is part of a new three-part television and web series, 10 THAT CHANGED AMERICA, which will recount the stories of 40 of America’s manmade wonders.These buildings, homes, parks, and towns are all around us, and yet Americans typically have little understanding of how these features of our built environment came to be, who built them, and how they affect us all.

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