The newest edition of Shared Parking, a crucial resource for estimating, planning, and implementing parking across the most diversified use cases for mixed-use development, was released by ULI, the National Parking Association (NPA), and the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC).

First printed in 1983 with a subsequent update released in 2005, Shared Parking has been an industry-standard book that highlights recommended parking allocations for planners and developers. The book provides a fundamental grounding in technical guidelines to assist developers of all types in considering the best parking allocations for their development.

“Communities benefit from shared parking because it reduces traffic and encourages walking,” says W. Edward Walter, global chief executive officer of the Urban Land Institute. “Getting the number of parking spaces right is also critical to managing costs while supporting vibrant, mixed-use developments. This book has been a must-have on this topic for developers and planners for years. I believe the industry will welcome this new edition, which includes more land uses, updated parking ratios, and the impact of trends that will help them estimate parking based on their tenant mix.”

Now in its third edition, this authoritative book has been updated throughout by author Mary S. Smith, a ULI member and leading parking expert, in collaboration with parking professionals and developers. It includes many additional land uses and revised parking ratios.

Other updates to the third edition of Shared Parking include the following:

  • An expanded number of land use conditions (from 20 to 32), along with creating recommended default values for each use that are modernized for time of day and seasonality;
  • Expert opinions and advice on how to determine appropriate assumptions on driving and noncaptive adjustments;
  • An adjusted calculation tool in Excel to account for changes over the past decade that have changed the future of parking space usage; and
  • Thought leadership on future trends, such as autonomous vehicles, ride-sharing services, and scooters.

This book is essential reading for developers, planners, government agencies, consultants, and engineers, and comes in two versions. The first version is the book itself and is available as a hardcopy or e-book. The second version, available only as a hard copy, comes with a powerful Excel model that will help developers calculate exactly how much parking they need for a wide variety of project types and variables.

Shared Parking: Third Edition is available through ULI’s online bookstore for $155.95 (book only) or for $649.95 (book + Excel file). ULI members receive a 25 percent discount; for details, email or call 800-321-5011. The book is also available on Amazon.