More Direct Flights, Ease of Doing Business Could Attract Companies to San Antonio

Panelists talked about how the San Antonio region is faring versus other cities in Texas in attracting talented workers and corporate office tenants and where it can improve compared to cities of a similar size.

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Midtown Miami Chosen as Site for 2020 ULI Hines Student Competition

An area in Midtown Miami, split between the Wynwood and Edgewater neighborhoods, will be the study site for the 18th annual ULI Hines Student Competition. This education initiative, open to graduate-level students, is an exercise to encourage innovative ideas and cross-disciplinary collaboration and gives students with an opportunity to devise a comprehensive design and development program for an actual large-scale urban site. This year, 124 teams representing 56 universities in the United States and Canada registered to compete. The team with the winning proposal will receive $50,000, of which $5,000 goes to the university or universities the team represents.

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Survey: U.S. Economy and Real Estate Market Not Ready to Retire

There is no end in sight for the long-lived U.S. economic and real estate market expansion, according to leading real estate economists. These projections are based on a special year-end version of the “ULI Real Estate Economic Forecast,” prepared by the ULI Center for Capital Markets and Real Estate. The forecast is based on a survey completed in December by 27 economists/analysts at 24 leading real estate organizations.

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Rethinking Real Estate: What the Past Teaches Us about the Future of Land Use

Speaking at an event in New York City, Dror Poleg, a former real estate and technology executive and co-chair of ULI New York’s Technology and Innovation Council, said shifts in real estate often result from overlooked factors that alter its value, beginning in the faraway emergence of landlord-tenant relations out of feudalism and stretching to the innovations of today.

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Recent Articles

  • Insights from McCoy Symposium: More Time Remaining for the Real Estate Expansion

    January 6, 2020

    Some of the best minds in commercial real estate seemed a lot less worried at the 26nd annual ULI/McCoy Symposium on Real Estate Finance, held in December in New York City. Although proceedings of this invitation-only event are not attributable to participants, McCoy and some participants agreed to share key takeaways. Their top message: investors keep pouring their money into office towers, apartment buildings, and other real estate in the United States despite high prices, worries that the U.S. economy could fall into a recession, and the uncertainty that accompanies a presidential election year.

  • Industry Outlook for Property Technology: Americas

    December 16, 2019

    Members of ULI’s Technology and Real Estate Council discuss the value of property technologies for real estate developers and investors—technologies that offer the most for building tenants, ways of sorting out the hype surrounding property technologies, promising technologies still in the process of being realized, and other related trends.

  • Industry Outlook for Property Technology: Asia Pacific

    Members of ULI’s Asia Pacific Tech Council discuss the new council’s areas of focus, the interface between technology startups and the real estate industry, the challenges of incorporating rapidly evolving technologies, the promise of big data, and related trends.

  • Northwood Investors’ $1.2 Billion Bet on a North Carolina Office Park

    December 11, 2019

    In 2017, the New York–based Northwood Investors spent $1.2 billion to purchase Ballantyne Corporate Park, a highly successful office property in Charlotte—the single-largest real estate transaction in North Carolina’s history at the time.

  • ULI Advisory Panel Charts Path for More Equitable Kansas City Parks System

    The 125-year-old parks system in Kansas City, Missouri, is a source of much civic pride. But the system also played a role in creating divisions in the community. A century later, these effects still reverberate in the parks system as development trends, zoning policies, and financial challenges have perpetuated inequity, according to panelists speaking at a ULI Advisory Services presentation in Kansas City, Missouri.

  • Three Private-Sector Approaches to Preserving Affordable Housing in the Carolinas

    December 9, 2019

    At ULI South Carolina’s Capital Markets Conference, panelists outlined strategies that are leveraging the strengths of the private sector to create and preserve affordable housing in areas experiencing rapid growth.

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