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Recruitment of Nontraditional Candidates Can Boost Industry Diversity

Panelists at the ULI Washington Trends Conference in April said having a more diverse staff benefits the bottom line and addressed some of the ways they are trying to attract talent to the industry. “If everyone around the table looks the same, it’s hard to get outside of that box,” said Jodie McLean, chief executive officer of EDENS and a ULI trustee.

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Making Connections in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

ULI Young Leaders pitch ideas for a site being developed by Swire Properties in the Star Street neighbourhood in Wan Chai, Hong Kong—an area full of heritage and historic buildings.

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Leveraging the Redevelopment of a 24-Acre Hospital Site in Indiana

In April, ULI Advisory Services presented recommended redevelopment possibilities for the 24-acre (9.7 ha) site of Bloomington Hospital—a campus in Bloomington, Indiana, that will move its operations in 2020.

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Five District Councils Supporting Student Scholarship Programs

In 2017, ULI Foundation Governor Bruce Etkin pledged $100,000 to support four additional district council student scholarship programs, which began at ULI Colorado, supporting undergraduate and graduate students as they launch their careers in real estate and other land use professions. The funds for the expanded program will be competitively awarded over two years to district councils to support student memberships, networking and mentorship activities, and involvement with ULI at the local level.

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Recent Articles

  • Studying the Competitiveness of Milan and Turin

    May 14, 2018

    The challenge of developing and maintaining a competitive edge is important for cities around the world. In Italy, this issue is framed by distinct pressures and challenges posed by the country’s history and strategic role in Europe. ULI has published a report analyzing the international competitiveness of Milan and Turin, two of Italy’s major cities.

  • Alleviating Homelessness: ULI Crafts Recommendations for Los Angeles

    May 8, 2018

    A recent ULI Advisory Services panel, funded entirely by the ULI Foundation, provided recommendations specific to the city of Los Angeles but adaptable to other metropolitan areas.

  • ULI Global Chairman Tom Toomey Announces New Global CEO, Global Strategic Plan

    May 3, 2018

    ULI Global Chairman Tom Toomey closed the record-breaking 2018 Spring Meeting by outlining advancements in ULI’s new strategic direction. In a general session presentation, he announced the appointment of longtime real estate executive Edward (Ed) Walter as the new global chief executive officer for the Institute, and the approval of a member-created Global Strategic Plan to guide ULI’s growth and leadership going forward.

  • ULI Americas Chairman Trish Healy Discusses ULI’s New Strategic Direction

    May 2, 2018

    ULI’s ongoing evolution as a member-driven, member-focused organization was discussed by Americas Chairman Trish Healy during a general session presentation at the Spring Meeting. “This direction is based on your premise that members are our unique product, and our members’ knowledge and expertise are ULI’s content,” Healy said.

  • Women Entrepreneurs Helping Shape the Future of Detroit

    April 26, 2018

    The emergence of female industry leaders taking on greater responsibility across Michigan is inspiring more young women to consider careers in commercial real estate.

  • Audio: ‘Detroit Rising’ Podcast Previews the ULI Spring Meeting

    April 20, 2018

    Jill Ferrari, a partner at Shelborne Development and vice chair of ULI Michigan, and Eric Larson, chief executive officer of both the Larson Realty Group and the Downtown Detroit Partnership, who is also serving as a co-chair of the ULI Spring Meeting Host Committee, were recently interviewed on a podcast produced by Crain’s Detroit Business.

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