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ULI Fall Meeting Recaps

Global CEO Ed Walter: Advisory Services, Education Initiatives, Diversity Efforts, and Technology Investments Reinforce ULI’s Real Estate Leadership

An expansion of ULI’s highly regarded advisory panels and education programs, an increased focus on diversity and inclusivity, and investments in member-facing technology are all helping reinforce ULI’s real estate leadership around the globe, ULI Global Chief Executive Officer W. Edward Walter says. Speaking to attendees during the opening session of the Institute’s Fall Meeting in Washington, D.C., Walter cited progress being made to position ULI as the world’s foremost real estate organization. ULI’s work to expand the reach and impact of its mission-focused work and improve member engagement is “part of our effort to make ULI the leading global real estate organization,” Walter said. “Each of you can help us get there by getting involved and staying involved in ULI.” Read More

District of Cool: Developments Transforming the Nation’s Capital

Over the past two decades, Washington, D.C., has undergone rapid revitalization, attracting more than 120,000 new residents and billions of dollars in private and public investment. Read More

The Wharf in D.C. Makes a Splash

Washington reconnects with a long-lost love: its waterfront. Read More

Reston Town Center: Heart of a Utopian Suburb Growing Ever More Urban

Over time, Reston Town Center has evolved from a series of grand concepts drawn up by architects, to a few blocks of office buildings, to something very much like a successful urban neighborhood. Read More

Recent Articles

  • Capital Markets Roundtable: Where Investors Say the Market Is Headed

    2019-11-18 10:49:21 The ULI/Allen Matkins Capital Markets Roundtable, now in its fifth year, brings together investors, developers, lenders, managers, and intermediaries at the ULI Fall Meeting to share insights and perspectives on the current and future outlook for real estate capital markets. Panelists discussed what is working for their firms.
  • Bringing More Voices to Conversations on Race, Gentrification, and Development

    2019-09-24 12:41:14 Using a facilitated conversation format honed at previous ULI meetings, the “fishbowl” at ULI’s Fall Meeting in Washington, D.C., brought together 12 experts to discuss the natural tension between cities’ need to encourage housing and economic development—and the community backlash that often results from specific proposals.
  • Despite Trade Issues, Opportunities Expand Across Asia Pacific Region

    2019-09-24 11:45:11 Despite the shock of a trade war between the United States and China, the economies in the vast Asia Pacific region are projected to keep growing—as are the opportunities to invest in commercial real estate. Huge investments in infrastructure are helping keep these economies growing.
  • City Officials and Real Estate Leaders Look to Collaborate on Addressing Climate Change

    2019-09-24 11:27:21 More than 50 cities now have set the goal of 100 percent reliance on renewable energy for the future. With buildings accounting for 75 percent of U.S. electricity consumption, achieving these commitments will require the active participation and cooperation of the real estate sector. Public officials from New York City and Washington, D.C., sat down with real estate and business leaders at the ULI Fall Meeting to address ways to collaborate on battling climate change.
  • Sustainability Rises as a Goal for Warehouse Developers

    2019-09-23 14:36:18 Developers are under more pressure than ever to include features in their buildings that are good for the environment, good for their workers, and good for the surrounding community, said experts speaking at the ULI Fall Meeting.
  • Mayor Bowser Seeks to Create 36,000 New Housing Units in Washington, D.C.

    2019-09-20 17:35:59 Using available land is a key strategy for filling the District of Columbia’s need for affordable housing units, Mayor Muriel Bowser said at ULI’s Fall Meeting in Washington, D.C. Bowser recently articulated her vision to construct 36,000 additional housing units in the District by 2025.
  • Competition for Talented Employees Requires Design of Excellent Office Environments

    2019-09-20 14:25:12 The business performance of the organizations that occupy the nation’s office towers is increasingly supported by building design that creates excellent employee experiences and work environments. Office buildings must evolve to meet the current demands of the new workplace, according to panelists discussing the future of work at the Fall Meeting.
  • Reinventing Urban Social Nodes

    2019-09-20 14:10:16 A ULI Fall Meeting session explored new ways of activating social nodes in urban spaces, using experiential design to allow cities’ social infrastructure to evolve. These new “nodes” include ever-evolving urban markets, multifunctional libraries, and even bank cafés.
  • Investors and Bond-Rating Analysts Are Working to Quantify Risks from Climate Change

    2019-09-20 10:58:09 Real estate investors and analysts who rate local government bonds already are grappling with how to evaluate the future risks from rapid climate change, panelists said at ULI’s 2019 Resilience Summit, part of the Fall Meeting in Washington, D.C.
  • Solutions to the Attainable and Affordable Housing Crisis Are Varied, but Promising

    2019-09-19 15:43:27 No single solution exists among the efforts to deliver attainable and affordable housing in a country where home prices continue to escalate significantly and the dream of homeownership is out of reach of millions of households, an expert panel told attendees at ULI’s 2019 Fall Meeting in Washington, D.C.
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