In a keynote address to 2017 Fall Meeting attendees, ULI Global Chairman Tom Toomey emphasized that the overarching goal of the Institute’s leadership is to ensure that ULI delivers consistently high value to members. He highlighted three areas of focus:

  • listening to members and adjusting programs to respond to their feedback;
  • developing strategic plans for all regions of ULI to ensure continued member engagement; and
  • investing in all member networks as well as corporate members.

Toomey pointed out that some of the topics discussed at the meeting, such as homelessness, the income gap dividing communities, and technology, are illustrative of the expanding number of issues that are affecting the real estate industry.

“They affect the investments we make in our businesses and the investments we make in our communities. They are complex issues, and they need ULI’s leadership,” he said. “What ULI members bring to these issues is our range of industry expertise, our openness to new ideas, and our ability to bring together stakeholders with different interests. We initiate the dialogue that results in real action and real change.”

ULI’s Advisory Services program is one of the most effective ways ULI can lead on urban issues, Toomey noted. “Of all that ULI does, this program best demonstrates ULI’s capability as a problem solver. We want to build on this success. We want to get more of you involved,” he said.

“We want to reach more communities so we can tackle more of these tough issues and turn them into opportunities to make a difference. That’s the power of ULI—leveraging the knowledge gained from each experience to build better communities everywhere.”