ULI MEMBER-ONLY CONTENT: Staying on top of the latest sustainability trends and technologies is not a new task for most companies. It can be time-consuming and filled with far too many sales pitches before the company settles on the right technology and vendor for each endeavor. ULI’s Greenprint Center for Building Performance addresses this through its Innovation Partner program, a partnership with leading innovators in green building who are forging ahead on new products, services, and technologies.

Each year, a small number of companies who have worked with Greenprint members and demonstrated leadership in real estate sustainability are brought into the program to highlight their services and products for the broader Greenprint membership. This year, the Greenprint Innovation Partners include Autocase, Black Bear Energy, Nova Group GBC, and WoodWorks.

At the 2020 ULI Virtual Fall Meeting, each Innovation Partner was featured in a short, on-demand fireside chat session during which a company representative was joined by another Greenprint member to talk through the technology or service offering and how it advances sustainability for the industry. These conversations went deeper than a typical simple introduction, digging into how each company is moving the needle on sustainability and how the innovation has helped the industry partner.

Renderings of Brookfield Properties’ Pier 70 in San Francisco, one property discussed during the Autocase-Brookfield Innovation Partners fireside chat.

Autocase with Brookfield Properties

Eric Bill, vice president, economics, at Autocase, and Jill Ziegler, director of sustainability and corporate responsibility at Brookfield Properties, discussed triple-bottom-line cost/benefit analysis (TBL-CBA) and how companies can use it to inform their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy. Among the first companies to quantify complex metrics such as social and environmental justice, Autocase helps companies analyze both the value to date and where there is room to grow.

Black Bear Energy with LBA Realty

Achieving that first deal combining solar power with battery backup is often the most difficult element for real estate firms. Victoria Stulgis, director of client operations at Black Bear Energy, chatted with Michelle German, director of operations and sustainability at LBA Realty, about overcoming common hurdles and how Black Bear Energy acts as a representative for real estate companies. Whether viewers are new to solar or have already struck that first deal, this session can help inform an on-site solar and battery strategy.

Centerpoint Properties’ Buena Vista industrial park in Buena Park, California, a property discussed during the Nova Group GBC-Centerpoint fireside chat.

Nova Group GBC and CenterPoint

Green property condition assessments (PCAs), holistic due diligence with an eye toward sustainability, and resilience mapping to help inform real estate decisions are all steps that can help take real estate firms beyond the due diligence status quo. Lou Raiola, senior vice president of corporate social responsibility and ESG at Nova Group GBC, was joined by Elena Daniel, vice president of ESG and corporate affairs for CenterPoint Properties, to discuss their companies’ work together to move forward on green PCAs and holistic due diligence.

WoodWorks and Lendlease

Melissa Kroskey, technical director at WoodWorks, and Lisa Podesto, senior business development manager of Lendlease, analyzed the use of mass timber in real estate. The two discussed how cross-laminated timber is increasing in popularity and value across the world and some lessons learned and best practices for companies looking to invest in or develop their own mass timber project.

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