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As Eviction Moratoriums Fade, Landlord/Tenant Partnerships Key to Keeping Low-Income People Housed

Cities and states are lifting eviction moratoriums they put in place in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Is an uptick in evictions around the corner? Not if tenants, landlords, and government officials work together to address the challenges low-income renters face, according to panelists representing the three groups who spoke at a concurrent session at the 2021 ULI Fall Meeting.

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Affordable Housing Providers Look to Infill Modular and Rehabbing Older Properties

With more than a half a million people experiencing homelessness on any given night, the United States needs 6.8 million more affordable housing units, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition. Speaking on the “Affordable Housing through Alternative Strategies” panel at the 2021 ULI Fall Meeting, Bryan Esenberg, managing deputy commissioner, Department of Housing, City of Chicago, said that there is a 120,000-affordable-unit gap just in Chicago and that at the current rate you likely cannot just build your way out of it.

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Gateway versus Secondary Markets Battle Dependent on Strategy

Are secondary markets stealing the lunch—tenants and investor capital—of gateway cities? Not so fast. One key takeaway from the panel discussion “Markets Shift: Are the Lines Blurring between Traditional Gateway Markets and Secondary Cities?” is that the death of the gateway market has been highly exaggerated.

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How Real Estate Can Build Back Better after the Pandemic

A common phrase heard during the pandemic is that people cannot wait to get back to normal. “If there is anything that we know now, it is that normal just doesn’t work for far too many people,” said Julia Stasch, president of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, moderator of a ULI Fall Meeting general session titled “Build Back Better: The Mandate and the Opportunity,” featuring Brookings Institution vice president and director Amy Liu, and founder and chairman of PSP Partners and former U.S. Secretary of Commerce in the Obama Administration Penny Pritzker.

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  • Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2022: Flexibility, Convenience Will Shape the Next Decade

    October 14, 2021

    Despite potential storm clouds ahead, survey results from the Emerging Trends in Real Estate® United States and Canada 2022 report show strong optimism.

  • ULI’s Fall 2021 Real Estate Economic Forecast Reveals Near-Term Optimism for Real Estate

    October 13, 2021

    Despite a forecast for higher inflation and rising interest rates, experts continue to have a favorable view on returns and performance for commercial real estate. However, the high tide of the improving economy is not raising all boats to the same level. There remains a clear bifurcation across and within property sectors.

  • Innovation in Commercial Real Estate Must Focus on Customer Experience Instead of Tech, Panelists Say

    In a world where consumers have grown accustomed to streaming whatever movies they want on demand and having purchases delivered to their doorsteps the next day, commercial real estate needs to focus its efforts in innovation on providing better consumer experiences, panelists said at the “Innovative Trends in Commercial Real Estate” session at the 2021 ULI Fall Meeting in Chicago.

  • How eTODs Could Help Solve Chicago’s Affordable Housing Shortage

    October 12, 2021

    The success of Chicago’s push in recent years to support development near public transit had a problem, according to Charlton Hamer, senior vice president of local developer Habitat Affordable Group: The popularity of the new projects created inequity because many people could not afford to live in them.

  • Building a Beacon of Hope on Chicago’s South Side: The Obama Presidential Center

    Slated to open in Jackson Park in 2025, the Obama Presidential Center will incorporate a museum, a forum building with collaborative and creative spaces, a large plaza, a new branch of the Chicago Public Library topped by a fruit and vegetable garden, a great lawn, a children’s play area, an athletic center, and winding landscaped paths, said representatives from the Obama Foundation at the 2021 Fall Meeting in Chicago.

  • Demand for Commercial Real Estate Remains Strong Despite “Bumpy” Outlook for Economy

    The pandemic is a bit like jury duty: no one quite knows just how long it’s going to last. That analogy set the stage Tuesday morning for a panel discussion titled “Economic Outlook and What It Means for Real Estate”—with a keynote by Austan Goolsbee, professor of economics at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, followed by a discussion with Constance Moore, former president and chief executive officer of BRE Properties and a ULI trustee and governor, and Roy March, chief executive officer of Eastdil Secured, also a ULI governor.

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