(Matthew Wiebe/Unsplash)

As we turn our calendar over to 2016, we wanted to look back on the topics that resonated with the readers of Urban Land Online in the past year.

Two excerpts from recent ULI publications were also among the most popular articles for all of last year, including The Investor’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate and Urban Real Estate Investment: A New Era of Opportunity. As always, coverage of Emerging Trends in Real Estate, copublished by ULI and PwC, was one of our more popular topics of the year, with Dallas being named the top U.S. city for 2016, which we will be covering in depth as part of this year’s Fall Meeting. Houston, which was the host city for ULI’s Spring Meeting in 2015, was also a source of great interest, including ExxonMobil’s new campus in The Woodlands and we look forward to doing similar coverage of Philadelphia. Lastly, we had a thoughtful piece on rebuilding vibrant downtowns that understandably resonated with readers.

Here are the top five most popular articles from 2015:

  1. Six Trends in Commercial Real Estate to Watch for in 2015
  2. Emerging Trends 2015: Houston, Austin Voted Top Cities
  3. 13 Urban Trends to Watch
  4. ExxonMobil’s New Campus: Giving Houston a Second Energy Corridor
  5. Making Downtowns What They Used to Be

Thank you for your many thoughtful comments on these stories and looking forward to another great year.