(EJ Yao/Unsplash)

As we close the books on 2018, we look back on the topics that resonated most with the online readers of Urban Land in the past year.

Not surprisingly, readers were very interested in transformational projects in growing cities. They also enjoy high-tech solutions to complex problems, whether it be the tallest timber building in the U.S. or the designing for a driverless future. Just this past month, Minneapolis and San Francisco joined the list of U.S. cities looking to right-size parking requirements, a topic cover in print most recently in our Summer issue. As always, master-planned communities continue to innovate in providing housing for American families.

Here are the top five most popular articles from 2018 overall:

  1. The $3 Billion Project Transforming Downtown Tampa
  2. A Mass Timber Tower Rises in Portland
  3. Defying Expectations for Master-Planned Communities
  4. Toward Zero Parking: Challenging Conventional Wisdom for Multifamily
  5. Designing for the Driverless Age

Among our recurring features from print, such as ULX and Outlook, the top performers for 2018 focused on public/private synergies and emerging technologies respectively.

Thank you to all of the ULI members who contributed their expertise to many of these articles, and to all of those who shared these articles with others. We are looking forward to another great year.