Former Indianapolis Mayor William H. Hudnut III, who served as a ULI senior resident fellow for over a decade, passed away on December 18 after a lengthy illness. He was 84.

A New York Times obituary said Hudnut transformed Indianapolis in his four terms, the longest-serving chief executive in the city’s history. He also served one term in the U.S. House of Representatives, in addition to serving as an adviser to Georgetown University and as a board member of the National League of Cities.

ULI Global CEO Patrick Phillips remembered him as “a great leader and an inspiration for many of us at ULI. He was a gifted speaker—passionate, folksy, and funny—and he was a graceful writer. Bill used his perch at the Institute to convey a message that coupled vision with pragmatism, true to his leadership as mayor of Indianapolis and in the U.S. Congress.” Read ULI Global CEO Patrick Phillips’s tribute to Hudnut.

In December 2015, William Hudnut spoke with ULI Connect about lessons learned regarding the challenges and opportunities that accompany successful community building. Read the interview.