Using Technology to Enhance Community Experiences in Multifamily

Panelists at a ULI Boston event in April said that a newfound purpose for technology is emerging in multifamily segments—fostering a sense of community within the buildings and their surrounding neighborhoods.

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Best Returns May Lie Out of the Spotlight for Hong Kong’s Value-Add Market

While investment volumes in commercial real estate in Hong Kong were up strongly last year, flagship office buildings and prime development sites are beyond the reach of all but a handful of players. For most investors, more interesting opportunities lie in other, less-visible parts of the market. Rather than waiting for (and possibly missing) the next correction, investors who are willing to roll up their sleeves may find opportunities away from the spotlight.

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Fighting for Affordable Housing in Washington, D.C.

The District’s government, a private developer, and community activists agree on the need to preserve affordable housing. But the details sparked a multiyear battle.

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UL Interview: N.H. Seek

JLL’s head of research for Asia Pacific chats with the chairman of Global Logistic Properties—and outgoing ULI Asia Pacific chairman.

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