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  • Eyeing the Office Market in São Paulo and Mexico City
    Published on March 03, 2017 in Market Trends
    As real estate investment hubs, Latin America’s major cities rarely compare to other world capitals. However, changing regulations combined with investors scouring the globe for growth could bring fresh liquidity into major metropolitan areas like São Paulo and Mexico City, according to panelists speaking at the ULI Latin America Conference in February.
  • Investors Eye Growing Hotel, Multifamily Housing Markets in Colombia and Peru
    Published on February 27, 2017 in Market Trends
    Though political upheaval in the United States and Europe is the focus of investors and developers of Latin American real estate, panelists at the ULI Latin America and Caribbean Conference in mid-February, said the clouds of uncertainty have yet to sway many from their carefully plotted courses through the region’s most attractive markets, including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru.