Author: Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy is a ULI senior resident fellow and the ULI/Kingbell Family Chair for Urban Development, as well as the former mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Articles by Tom Murphy

  • Adapting Cities for the Future
    Published on July 13, 2011 in Industry Sectors
    It is the way that cities celebrate and showcase assets such as parks, culture and the arts, and safe neighborhoods that will determine the vibrancy of a community. Those communities that build partnerships to shape their response to these changes will be those that become successful 21st-century cities. Learn the three assumptions that successful cities will build on.
  • Believing in a Future
    Published on September 01, 2010 in Planning & Design
    In spite of the setbacks from the recession and the oil spill, disappointing federal, state, and local actions after the storm, and the continuing uncertainty of rebuilding efforts, New Orleans remains a remarkable place. The story of the city’s revival is not about government money or strong political leadership, but rather about thousands of individuals and hundreds of nonprofit organizations that believe in a future.