Author: Peter Rummell

Peter S. Rummell is chairman of ULI.

Articles by Peter Rummell

  • A Note from ULI Chairman Peter S. Rummell
    Published on February 22, 2013 in Market Trends
    A nagging worry of mine is that ULI—and the industry itself—may be at risk of losing young professionals who don’t see real estate as being as appealing or as interesting as other professions. It’s ironic, because there probably has never been a more interesting time to be in real estate.
  • Milestones and What’s Next
    Published on December 13, 2011 in ULI Day, December 14, 2011
    In 1936, no organization existed in the United States to research, analyze, or encourage responsible patterns for long-term urban growth. As ULI begins its next 75 years, the real estate and land use industry has reached a pivotal point with both formidable challenges and promising opportunities. ULI is and will be at the forefront of this change.