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  • 10-21-10

    Green Retrofit Financial Strategies

    The moderator of the session entitled, “Green Retrofit Financial Strategies,” concluded this session by asking each of the panelists to cite primary issues or opportunities most pressing to the retrofit market. The theme unanimously agreed upon by the panel as imperative for the full-scale arrival of the green retrofit market is the return of time series performance data for large retrofitted commercial projects. Read what else the panelists offered in response.

  • 10-21-10

    The Impact of Energy on the Future of Real Estate

    One panelist addressed those in attendance at the session entitled, “The Impact of Energy on the Future of real Estate” at ULI’s 2010 Fall Meeting by saying the “market for energy efficiency will mature significantly over the next 5 years,” but that several key barriers to achieving scale in the marketplace from a finance perspective still need to be overcome. Read what the panelists felt are the most pressing issues at hand.

  • 10-20-10

    New Sustainable Water Paradigm

    “Plants and bacteria work for free; people and machines do not,” Anthony Sease, Director of Business Development at Natural Systems Utilities, pointed out at ULI’s 2010 Fall Meeting session, “Elevating Green Building to the New Sustainable Water Paradigm.” Read what else Sease and the other panelists had to say about how the new water paradigm should look and what can be done to achieve it.

  • 10-18-10

    Banking on Energy Efficiency in Real Estate

    In May 2010, it was made public that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac–which hold around two-thirds of all mortgages in the country–would not allow borrowers with a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) loan to refinance or sell their properties unless the loans are paid off, effectively stalling the program. So what does the future of energy efficiency financing hold?

  • 10-12-10

    Finding Certainty in Uncertain Times: ULI Senior Resident Fellows Look Ahead

    In the midst of economic uncertainty, there are still some elements of certainty – such as demographic shifts, financial industry restructuring, global competitiveness, and sustainable building – that will guide real estate investment and reshape urban growth trends in the years ahead, according to a new report from ULI’s senior resident fellows. Read what they say is coming and how to capitalize on it.

  • 10-01-10

    Ultracompact Minimodules

    Vancouver, British Columbia, architect Michael Katz has produced a modular system at only 220 square feet (20 sq m). In an effort to make the L41 sustainable, affordable, and innovative, Katz chose to construct the unit using cross-laminated timber (CLT), a new wood building product. The L41 home is designed as a studio house for one person or one couple. The L41 was manufactured by Ledcor, a large Vancouver-based contractor, in three modules that were shipped on a flatbed truck to the site and assembled in less than a day.

  • 10-01-10

    Redevelopment Roundtable: What potential does redevelopment hold in the current economy?

    Five real estate development experts discuss trends in redevelopment in the United States: where the opportunities lie, what kinds of properties are strong candidates for adaptive use, what sources of financing are available, how redevelopment dovetails with sustainable design, and what the future may hold.

  • 10-01-10

    Enriching Environments

    The winners of this year’s ULI Awards for Excellence: Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) competition share a common element: each is an innovative example of land use that significantly enriches its environment. Yet, it is the contribution of a host of factors that combines to entitle them to the prize, widely recognized as ranking among the land use industry’s most prestigious.

  • September

  • 09-30-10

    An Urban Artist: Mayor Richard M. Daley, 2010 Laureate, ULI J.C. Nichols Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development

    Mayor Richard M. Daley’s ability to bring his intertwining priorities to fruition in Chicago have earned him the Urban Land Institute’s prestigious ULI J.C. Nichols Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development for 2010, making him only the second mayor so honored in the award’s 11-year history.

  • 09-28-10

    A Window into the Future

    While development in the United States may be stalled, Expo 2010 gives China an exceptional moment to shine. Expo 2010 constitutes yet another instance of China’s emerging global economic power and the magnitude of the historic urbanization that has taken place there over more than two decades. Read about the window into the future of development and China’s role in it, which is evident at Expo 2010.