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  • 05-15-17

    Planning for Uncertainty Among Shifting Political Tides

    The first 100 days of the new U.S. administration has been marked by uncertainty and ambiguity—and while foreign real estate investors are concerned, they still believe the United States is a good place to invest. But panelists speaking at the ULI Spring Meeting in Seattle said they are optimistic about reforms to FIRPTA and more investment in infrastructure.

  • 05-12-17

    Sustainable Philanthropy Means Asking Others for Help, Setting Limits

    A panel discussion at the 2017 ULI Spring Meeting in Seattle focused on the challenges facing industry executives interested in taking a leadership role in philanthropy while continuing to run a business.

  • 05-12-17

    Amazon and the Evolution of a Downtown Corporate Campus

    Three of the primary participants in the creation of Amazon’s headquarters in downtown Seattle came together during the 2017 ULI Spring Meeting for a discussion of the long history.

  • 05-12-17

    Augmented Reality, Piezoelectric Power Could Enhance Built Environment

    Emerging technologies will bring major changes to the real estate industry, prompting questions that people will be pondering over the coming months and years. “We’ve got to restart our thinking about what we do,” said Paul Doherty, chief executive officer and president of Memphis-based the Digit Group, a leading provider of “smart city” solutions.

  • 05-12-17

    CEO Conversations: Why Alaska Airlines Is Flying High

    As part of ULI’s tradition of inviting a chief executive officer from outside the real estate industry at the ULI Spring Meeting, CEO Bradley Tilden of Alaska Airlines spoke with Bill Ferguson, chairman and CEO of Ferguson Partners.

  • 05-12-17

    Panelists Weigh Policies That Could Boost U.S. Growth Near End of Economic Cycle

    The current U.S. economic expansion is already one of the longest since World War II, but because most investors have been relatively conservative in their investment choices, few reasons exist for concern about a sharp downturn in the near term, panelists said at the 2017 ULI Spring Meeting. They also agreed that certain policy changes like corporate repatriation of profits or tax cuts would increase the possibility of further growth.

  • 05-12-17

    Legalized Marijuana Sector Creates Opportunity, Special Requirements

    Commercialized marijuana is big business and is expanding as a new asset class at an astronomical rate, according to a ULI Spring Meeting panel of industry investors, operators, and legal experts on the state of the cannabis business and real estate opportunities being created in the sector. Twenty-eight states have legalized the sale of medical marijuana, and eight states plus the District of Columbia allow recreational marijuana to some degree.

  • 05-10-17

    Millennials Desires Changing Design of Modern MPCs

    Developers of master-planned communities (MPCs) must prepare for the next generation of buyers who will be more sophisticated and more discerning because they will come from urban environments, attendees were told at the 2017 ULI Spring Meeting.

  • 05-10-17

    Weyerhaueser, GE Make the Move to Downtown Headquarters Sites

    Some of America’s largest and oldest industrial powerhouses are moving their headquarters locations from bucolic suburban office parks to vibrant downtown neighborhoods, positioning themselves for growth in the digital age. Two such relocations—Weyerhauser and General Electric—were discussed at the ULI Spring Meeting in Seattle.

  • 05-10-17

    The Housing Paradox: Why Can’t Cities Build Enough Housing to Match Job Growth?

    Why do cities with the fastest-growing economies—including Seattle, San Francisco, New York City, and Austin–suffer from a growing imbalance between job growth and housing supply? A panel at the ULI 2017 Spring Meeting in Seattle examined why hot-market cities are failing to build enough housing for new workers, often by staggering ratios.